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There are No “L’s”

OK, it’s Monday evening, everyone is finally getting home from work.  What’s the worst that can happen to a person today right?  Well, if you are Nard, falling on your ass, handcuffed to a chair, for a bit, wasn’t his best Monday you can say.

The bit called, “The Nard 7 Second game,” on The Billy Madison Show, was an onslaught of punishments to Nard if he got an answer incorrect. Honestly, it sounded like Nard’s sexual fetishes coming to life.  “You’re such a naughty boy,” (Derek Voice).

As Billy repeatedly said, “Don’t fall off the chair.” What does Nard do?  Due to a “tickle punishment,” yup, his clumsy ass falls off the chair backward, wrist first. By looking at the video. You can clearly see Derek coming to Nard’s aid. Assisting in the fall, hoping for no damage to the “golden child.”

Now a lot of people were saying that Derek was being “Dirty D.”  But come on, you can clearly see Nard’s bed buddy, I mean battle buddy, Derek, assist Nard immediately.  #IAgreeWithDerek, What a hero!  Billy there were no “L’s” in this bit!  This was pure gold!  Not to mention, I have never seen Derek react so fast in my life! HA!

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