Find Yourself In A Fight? Just Start Throwing Up

I can’t tell if this girl was drunk or if this was part of her martial arts training from her youth. It’s a toss up imo. But with that said, What a move to just start throwing up all over everyone and everything. People were literally slipping in it!!!


The Internet Hype Over Rudy “The Athletic” Bulldog Is Nauseating

The amount of people posting/commenting on this Bulldog is a little much. When I saw this video on my Twitter timeline for the 14th time, I decided to click on it. I was expecting to see the most insane Obstacle course run that has ever been run.

Sadly, This was not the case. What I saw was a just above average Bulldog running an obstacle course. That’s it.

This might be an unpopular opinion but I don’t even think the dog did that good of a job. He kind of sucked.


I Can’t Decide If This Video Of A Girl Eating A Heart Shaped RAW Steak is Hot or Scary?

Having a hard time with this one. A Part of me finds this video so attractive. I love my steak rare. It’s the only way to eat a steak. I also love girls who love steak. I just feel they wont’t mind how fat I look when I get Naked. Weird way of thinking? You bet ya.

The other part of me feels like I’m watching “Jennifer’s Body” all over again. She’s just waiting for me to undress and start the love making process, Then all of a sudden she’s just gonna start ripping you from limb to limb just because she was the victim of a satanic ritual.

It’s a risky situation to say the least.

jennifers body


A Honey Badger Is In The Lead For Mom Of The Year After Saving Her Baby From A Leopard!

Honey Badgers have built a great reputation for themselves over the past few years. In case you don’t know, Honey Badgers are known for not giving a f*ck. They will fight anybody or anything. It could be a Leopard, Khabib, a Felon or a Giraffe, It does not matter to them.

This fight in particular shows a Mother Honey Badger rushing in to defend one of her offspring who was getting ready to take the Big L at the paws of this Leopard. That was until the spotted feline got completely bullied by a true Alpha.


The look says it all. Shock and defeat is what it says. Also maybe a little embarrasament after realizing this was gonna wind up on Youtube. I get the same look on my face when someone kills me using a trap on Fortnite.


honey badger.png

Stripper Bowl Recap

The Stripper Bowl looked like the place to be Monday Night….. I’ve never heard of the Stripper Bowl before, Is it new? Yes, Apparentley this was the first ever and it was thrown by Atlanta based record label – Quality Control – who has artist like The Migos, Lil Yachty and 21 Savage  on the label.


The Money, MY GAWD THE MONEY!!! I’ve never wanted to be a big booty stripper in my entire life! Who knows the total? I’ve seen people say it’s anywhere from 1-5 million dollars that rained down on the evening.

I take back that wanting to be a stripper comment after seeing this next tweet!

All that money and they only took home $1200??? Yikes……Wait, Nevermind. That girl has no clue how numbers work. Apparently each girl took home $120,000 for one night of dancing.

The Event has seemed to of inspired girls all over the internet to set big goals for themselves next year. Like this girl who plans on working the event with her Aunt.

Already looking forward to next years Stripper Bowl.


The Devil Cheats On Her Boyfriend and Then Mocks Him Over It. Even Calling Him a Bitch!!!

This girl is the Devil. I mean it. Heartless, Coldblooded, Soul-less.

She just got caught cheating and instead of just lying to the dude and telling him how sorry she was. She instead mocks the life out of this dude. I’m surprised this dude even posted the video. Like bro, I didn’t want to see this shit. Makes me scared of women. Terrified even.

“Go ahead and Cry, You’re a bitch” will haunt me forever.