The Real “BBB” Gives The Other “BBB” An F Rating

Not a good look if you’re a Big Baller. Everybody knows that Big Ballers need Good Credit. I honestly have no idea if the Better Business Bureau has anything to do with your credit but I thought it was funny and don’t feel like looking it up. Regardless this cant be good for your company. TMZ has a bunch of the complaints if you want to read them click here.

I’m actually super pissed off about this because I was just having a conversation the other night with my uncle why we were murking everything that moved on Call of Duty ( It was double xp weekend, No big deal) and he was shitting all over Lavar Ball and the Big Baller Brand. I of course had Lavar’s back, You might notice that a lot of people who grew up without a dad will go to great lengths in defending Lavar Ball for obvious reasons. I’ll save that for another “Growing up without a Dad” blog down the road. Back to my point, I was arguing that BBB was becoming a household name, A legitimate brand, One that may rival Nike or Adidas one day. What a freaking idiot I’am but in my defense I graduated from Alternative school with a 1.8 GPA and have never even sniffed a business class – Unbelievable right? I know.

Keep your chin up Lavar and just remember, You might be a dead beat business owner but you’re definitely not a dead beat dad. Kudos.

lavar ball


Oprah Vs The Rock

Huge story developing this morning – Oprah Winfrey running for President in 2020? Who knows if she will actually end up running but after this “Epic” Golden Globes speech lots of women as well as men who hate other men are encouraging her to run. I want to point out that the only reason I put Epic in ” ” is because I haven’t actually gotten the chance to listen to the speech and probably never will but if you want to, Knock yourself out.

Anyways, I somehow managed to tie The Rock into this which looking back on it was pretty rude of me. I mean here is Oprah Winfrey standing up for all women (i’m assuming) and I somehow find a way to put her in the voting ring against The Peoples Champ. Dick move on my part and I will admit that. Below you can listen to us debate the pros and cons of each. In all honesty I only brought up The Rock because his name has been thrown around as if he is gonna make a run at the Oval Office in 2020 but really I just brought him up because I wanted to shit all over his HBO show “Ballers” What a shit show that is.