Courtney Stodden left her ex husband because she wants to “Screw Other Men” and hates being called a “Bimbo”

Daily Mail- Courtney Stodden has insisted she’s not a bimbo, claiming she played into the role to make money because her estranged husband was broke but tells DailyMailTV her marriage ended because she wanted ‘to go out and screw’ other men. 

courtney stodden 1

I’m at a loss for words, Never saw this coming. Courtney Stodden leaves her 57 year old husband who she married when she was just 16 because she wanted to go out and screw other men. I love her honesty though. Instead of telling Daily Mail that they grew apart or that he couldn’t get an erection anymore, etc. None of that nonsense, She just said the truth which was that she just wanted to screw other guys”. How many girls can relate? All of them, That’s how many.

Courtney stodden 6

Now people are giving her shit because I guess her new boyfriend was married when they got together but how could anyone not leave their wife for this girl? Courtney Stodden is so underrated.

courtney stodden 2

She would also like for people to stop calling her a bimbo……

Courtney stodden 7

Shaved head and still a 10!

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Kim Kardashian getting shit on for having her daughter take this photo of her

I really don’t see what the big deal is but people are so pissed about this photo of Kim K just because her 4 year old daughter took the pic? Have people not seen the photos that Kim posts on an almost daily basis? I understand that this might be the first time North has actually snapped the photo but it’s not like she doesn’t see her mom snapping these kinds of pics EVERY DAY.

Plus you can’t even see anything. I would understand if North was filming her parents doing it but this is so mellow. Non issue in my opinion. You know how many Nudes I had to take of my Mom using a Polaroid back in the day? I turned out just fine, Zero issues.


High School football prospect has a very cold blooded mom

I grew up with a savage for a mother. Love her to death but she could be cold blooded at times but damn, She can’t even compete with the savagery of High School football recruit Jacob Copeland. Obviously Jacob’s mom who was sporting an Alabama sweatshirt and a Tennessee Vols hat was far from pleased when her son decided to accept a football scholarship to attend the University of Florida.

You would think that mom would just be ecstatic that her baby is getting a full ride to a major university, What more could a parent want for their child? Clearly that was not the case here. I hate to assume that she must have had some money riding on this if her son signed with either Tennessee or Alabama but I can’t think why else she would up and leave in the middle of her son signing a letter of intent. I feel bad for Jacob that his Mom decided to make this moment about her instead of just being proud of her son’s amazing accomplishment or maybe she just had to poop. Ya, Had to be a poop.


Patriots OC Josh McDaniels decides to tell the Colts or nah on Head Coaching position, Twitter has a meltdown.

You gotta admit, New England has a shit ton of drama. Sometimes it’s not the best, Aaron Hernandez, Deflate-Gate, Tom making out with his son, Benching Malcom Butler, etc.

The latest episode to come out of New England is Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels has decided to turn down the Head Coaching position for the Colts and instead he will remain the OC for New England. I can’t say I blame him. Robert Kraft seems like he has his shit together just a tad bit more than Jim Beam Irsay. My personal theory is that Josh didn’t like what he was hearing about Andrew Luck chances of returning to the lineup and his ability to play at a high level. Pure speculation and in fairness, I gave the Eagles a 0.000000000000 chance of winning so fuck me.

Jim Irsay

Either way Twitter went into full on meltdown mode which is my favorite Twitter by the way. Here are some of the best ones.

I laugh every time someone accuses someone of being a Dick Rider. EVERY TIME.

0.0000000000000000000 chance that this happens

This tweet in Portuguese that I’m sure is funny

This might have been the only tweet that wasn’t hilarious but I thought I would give her a shout out for the attempt

I just pooped my pants at the thought of this happening


An Offensive Coordinator backing out of a Head Coaching job is the #1 trending topic in the world and they say football is dead.  Ya, ok.


Kinda feeling Ashley Graham’s 53 year old Mom

Ashley Graham recently did a photo shoot with her Mom to promote body positivity or something charitable like that.

Ashley Graham 1

Mission accomplished! I’ll admit that I’ve been watching the “Mature” category on Xhamster more than usual lately and so maybe I’m being a little biased but I think Ashley Graham’s mom is a total babe (Heart Eye Emoji).

Ashley Graham 2

To be 53 years old and still look this good is impressive and congrats go out to her and her hot ass daughter. I’ve been very much into Ashley Graham for the past couple of years and now I’m proud to say that I’m now also into her mother.

Ashley Graham 3

Classic camel picture. Camels aren’t used enough in photo shoots. Maybe because they are aggressive as shit but I’ll save that for another blog.