Tennesee Football fan loses his wife after throwing a beer bottle threw a window

Some people have questioned the legitmacy of this caller and can I just say that I ABSOLUTLEY BELIEVE THIS IS REAL. 100%

People don’t understand the kind of irrational decisions that fans make when their team sucks. It’s the worst feeling in the world. Outside of finding your wife cheating on you. But I for one believe every word this man says.

Cardi B Getting Roasted Over The Size Of Her Areola’s

Apparently Cardi got a little too loose the other night and accidently upload a nude to her Instagram Story. Good for her. Now, I don’t know what the rules are when it comes to posting someone’s nudes so I don’t want to get in trouble over it but if you click my tweet, I believe the uncensored version is in the comments.

I also learned that People are not fans of Big Areola’s. People on the internet were ruthless and it caused Cardi to respond on her IG last night.

Two teachers caught on zoom bad mouthing some of their students

Gotta feel for teachers on this one. They’ve been talking shit about students since the first shool existed back in the bible or something. You know damn well that Jesus’ teacher used to probably talk so much shit about him, Definitley had to regret that one.

Jesus probably met Miss Babylon (Miss not Mrs because they didnt let wives teach back then) at the pearly gates like “Oh hello Mrs. B don’t see you talking shit about my mathmatatics now”

Bull has big horns but little weiner

This is Cowboy Tuff Chex and he now holds the Guinness World Record for longest horn spread on a living bull at 8.6 feet!!!

I don’t actually know the size of his weiner but I just figured he has to be making up for something, Right? Anyway, Congratulions to him. I know he would get his ass beat by Red Rock though. That’s an 8 seconds movie refrence for you youngsters.

11 year steals a schoolbus and then hauls ass through town


Ok I know this is bad but to see this 11 year old blow through red lights not giving AF is lol funny to me. I admit it’s only funny because no one got. Some kids are just bad kids and I’m here for all of it!!!


New Female empowerment Hotel Features A Ruth bader ginsburg portrait made out of tampons

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A new hotel is opening up in DC that featurers Cocktails named “The Huntress” and “Empowermit”, It also has a head chef who is male but no word on if the Maids will be male or not.

I’am convinced that a male came up with this idea. I just don’t think that a Woman would be this dumb. No offense. I just don’t think this will slap with powerful females but I don’t know that demo. I’m ashamed to admit this but I don’t even know a powerful female. So hopefully this hotel has about 3 rooms or they are gonna have a tough time keeping this place booked.

Bill Burr didn’T GET VERY MANY LAUGHS ON SNL and I’m very Concerned ABOUT THIS

I’m honestly about to start shiiting my pants. Bare with me. Bill Burr goes on SNL and absolutley kills it and gets virtually ZERO laughter from the audience. The JOKES apparently made alot of people very uneasy. If you click on the tweet you can go read the comments yourself. They basically commented the way the audience nervously laughed and sometimes even gave him crickets.

This bothers me so much and for mostly selfish reasons. If you listen to the BMS than you know that I like to go for the Joke that people may think is a little rude. It’s not because I get off to being an asshole, It’s just how my sense of Humor is. Over the last few years I’ve really started to get worried because this type of humor seems to be dying…… Well not really. What I mean is, This type of humor seems to be getting less ad revunue for their podcasts and other sponsored content. That worries me to death.

I gotta kid in Middle School and I manage my money like a complete asshole. If I get fired or my company lets my contract expire simply because I told a joke about women? It’s a joke!!!! Relax people. Holy shit, Criticize news coverage or the debate but give me a fucking break with these takedowns of COMEDIANS and COMEDY SHOWS!!!

Kudos to Bill Burr though, He just plowed right through it, He was killing but you couldn’t tell by the crowd reaction.