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bro does other bro a solid

I’ve said a thousand times that nobody has your back like your fellow bro when you’re both shitfaced. When sober that very same bro could be the absolute worst, I mean I know a bro who had sex with another bros mom for gods sake. But when hammered they become incredibly loyal.

Take this bro for example. I mean the balls is must have taken to open that door the moment the cop was walking away. Kinda makes me feel for the cop in that situation….. not really but kinda.

Asian lady whoops guy who tried to mug her

This guy looks like he got jumped by about 10 former caged fighters but instead it was one elderly lady with a paddle or club of some sort. Feel good story of the day without question.

Another ufo spotted in la?

There was a UFO sighting in Los Angeles, and someone caught some clear pictures of it in the sky.

An eyewitness snapped the pictures on Saturday while heading south on the 101 Freeway around sunset. She was on her phone when she saw something hovering in the sky with a group of lights trailing behind it.

The eyewitness says she shot three consecutive photos as quickly as she could. In each photo the craft changed positions and moved to a new spot in the sky.

She said it was only visible for a few seconds before it literally vanished into thin air.

A graphics guru from TMZ looked at the photos and says they appear to be legit and aren’t photoshopped.