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A new Christmas Classic for a new generation.

So between Bill wanting new Christmas songs and Arianna hating all of Nards hits I decided to make this gem of a song but due to some production problems (aka I forgot about it) we didn’t play it last week.

GUESS WHAT THOUGH!!!! Thanks to the magic of the internet I’m bringing it to the masses plus management is always telling us that we need more web content so here you go the release of Nathan the Red Neck Racist.


Has anyone ever noticed how much attempted murder is in wrestling?

So I spent a good part of the weekend watching the dubya- dubya- eeee network… big surprise, but holy fuck attempted murder is like a really big thing in wrestling and for a show that’s supposed to be “real” its amazing how no fucks are givin about the fact that the majority of the employees of the WWE spend about 90% of their time trying to murder each other. Don’t get me wrong I’m in no way shape or form a snowflake so watching men set each other on fire and get crushed in cars is my shit, it reminds me of watching faces of death as a 10 year old but damn these dudes have elaborate ways of trying to kill each other like they’re fucking jigsaw and its time to play a game.

Either way here is a dope video of Stone Cold trying to kill Triple H because a year before he had Rakishi run him down with a car.




Pardon my grammar and spelling errors I went to public school.


Look at the nuts on Kimmel. Check out this video of Jimmy Kimmel playing moderator in MAGA VS DACA.

Before I start what little bit I write let me state that I have no political view at all, in fact I didn’t even vote cause that shit takes way too long.


So… let me just say Kimmel must have a farmers market in his pants cause he gave no fucks when he did this bit. This legit could have gone sideways fast especially since her Army boyfriend wasn’t hearing what these dudes were saying. Notice Kimmel didn’t have anyone on that set that he couldn’t handle physically cause his shirt was a tad feminine which is cool cause its 2018 but I’m just saying not many guys who wear shirts like that win a fight.


Excuse all my grammar and spelling mistakes I went to public school…



WTF are you doing Vince!? A quick run down of two L’s in the making.

Vince McMahon has officially lost his fucking mind. In one week he not only announced that he is bringing back the XFL( aka 4 quarters of shit football that makes the CFL look bad ass) but he also signed “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey( cool two years ago).  Lets go over this whirl wind of bad in the making.


First off the XFL….


This reboot is so much of a bad idea that the WWE the company Vince McMahon is the chairman of wont back it financially.  This dip shit sold 100 Million dollars worth of stock to raise this future “L” from the grave, now a few positives. One, he wont be the face of the company this time which is good cause no face of a company should have his own “Kiss my ass club”. Second, hes not rushing to start the league after six weeks like last time, hes waiting two years which oddly enough is the same amount of time most new marriages fail in. Vince also wants to shorten games to two hours because they’re too long but is cool with forcing people to watch three hours of bad tv every Monday night. As of right now he has no tv for this shit storm on turf but he has his own network so either way its coming back and if its on the network dunces like me will be paying for it.


Next…”Rowdy” Ronda Rousey


2016’s gift to 2018 Ronda Rousey , not only did she show up and steal some poor girls shot at tv time and glory but all she did was point at a fucking Wrestlemania sign like a kid in a supermarket pointing at a candy they want. They will more than likely make her a female Brock Lesnar because wrestling twelve minute plus matches aren’t easy ask Laurence Taylor who almost died after his match at Wrestlemania 11 it was so bad they had to bring oxygen tanks. While I understand shes trained in multiple forms of combat shes not having any five star wrestling matches. Her popularity has also pretty much faded since Holly Holm showed the world Rousey was all hype. Shes gonna earn a lot and do a little, will she move the needle ? Maybe, but this is crap in the making and I knew it the moment I thought she was Amy Schumer walking down the ramp and not a former UFC champion. Expect her two beat Charlotte Flair at Wrestlemania because that’s what WWE does, they have established stars lose so that people with recognizable names can look good.


Excuse all my grammar and spelling mistakes I went to public school…




Billy Madison and Criss Angel in the same room at the same time!!! Here’s Billy’s review of Criss Angel’s Raw from this morning.

For years listeners pondered the question is Billy Madison actually illusionist and all around bad ass Criss Angel? Well, sadly hes not but lucky for Bill a fellow lover of magic he got the opportunity to not only see Criss Angel’s live show Raw, but he also took the much awaited pic that proves once and for all that Billy Madison is not Criss Angel but the Ugg wearing, Tom Brady supporter we’ve all come to know and love.

Here is Bill’s review of Criss Angel’s raw from this morning


bill-criss angel


Wrestling theory stolen? You be the judge.

So as many people know I’m a wrestling mark ( loser if you want to be a dick about it). That being said I tend to listen to a few wrestling podcasts like The Don Tony and Kevin Castle Show, Wrestling Soup and Solomonster Sounds Off. Well, I recently emailed the host of Solomonster Sounds Off to let him know my theory for the Undertaker which resulted in a reply that said he pretty much didn’t agree with Well wouldn’t you know that come Saturday when the podcast comes out not only does he rework my theory to make it his own but now sees it as a good idea to set up a Cena/Taker match at Wrestlemania. Meanwhile, I’m here at home like “WTF?! When did all this change and why cant I get a little love for the idea?” I’m still gonna listen to his show cause it’s part of my routine and for a loser like me routine is everything.

I posted the audio below so that you can take a listen cause my imagination runs wild at times, I know this cause I’ve had an Urban Cowboy phase and two Soprano phases where all I did was walk around in my Jordan sweatsuit and listen to the theme from the show while driving around my very Hispanic non Italian neighborhood. Anyway I digress…

Fast forward to about a 1:25 in the audio and you be the judge. Am I crazy or just another loser with too much time on his hand.


The audio was posted to YouTube on the 15th of January and the podcast came out this past Saturday. My email was sent January 9th.





Retro Review: The 1987 Stallone classic Over the Top


IMDB-Tough trucker Lincoln Hawk is determined to win back his son and triumph at the world arm wrestling championships.


Over the Top is the movie you get when you cross a father/son road trip,the gritty world of arm wrestling and custody over a child you haven’t seen since he was a baby. Also, lets try and forget that Hawk basically took a small payday from his father in law to leave his family to become a trucker. (If that doesn’t scream shit head idk what does) Did I mention this movie has classic 80’s bad guy Terry Funk.

(spoiler alert) In the end the wife dies and once again Hawk gives up custody of his son in return for money. He then wins a big arm wrestling tournament in Vegas and he gets his son back, then they ride off together in his new 18 wheeler truck that he just won  even though everyone including his son acts like he didn’t just trade him away for money for the second time in his life. I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot but those are the main points of this shit show.

Its not really a good movie but he had to do something between Rockys. There’s lots of things that could have made this better like not making it at all or getting a son who wasn’t such a pussy. I recommend this if you think your dad sucks ass cause you walk away feeling like your dad could have been way worse.

Comment a retro movie below that you want a review on I’ll accept all submissions for the most part, because I’m a single loser with lots of time to fill



5 Songs that are no longer P.C. in 2018

The world is changing and not for the best, I remember the good old days when basic cable gave no fucks and did pretty much whatever they wanted. Now people get offended for anything, in honor of the easily offended here are 5 songs in no particular order that are no longer P.C. in 2018.

(This list would have been longer  but my ADHD doesn’t allow for that sometimes so there you go)

    1. Britney Spears – I’m a Slave 4 U: A song about sexual slavery? Not in 2018 Ms.Spears… notice I said Miss because this dirty girl cant keep a husband, I wonder why?

2. The Police- Every breath you take: In a Weinstein world a song about stalking just isn’t cool anymore but it was badass in The Replacements.

3. Drake- Best I Ever Had: In a world of participation trophies that means every girl is the best you every had Drake, that goes for Ashley too back when you were wheel chair Jimmy on Degrassi.

4.  Lionel Richie- Hello: A song where the basis of the music video is a student/ teacher relationship that’s just not gonna fly in 2018 not to mention the girl was blind in the video and couldn’t see she picked the wrong commodore.

5. Shawn Michaels- Sexy Boy: I love me some HBK as much as the next guy but this song isn’t very gender neutral so unfortunately for H-B-Shizzle he is now just a sexy person.


Youtube idea of the week: Reviewing Reviews

After sitting through and recording in the audio for that piece of trash called Nards review of Breaking bad check it out if you have no other options and a few minutes to waste, I thought to myself why not flip the game on its side and review the reviews of others because there is nothing that can make you feel more like an American than critiquing the toy review of some 5 year old that still thinks Santa is real and babies come from the baby store.

nard breaking bad

Because after all being a dick is the American way. #freedom