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A new Christmas Classic for a new generation.

So between Bill wanting new Christmas songs and Arianna hating all of Nards hits I decided to make this gem of a song but due to some production problems (aka I forgot about it) we didn’t play it last week.

GUESS WHAT THOUGH!!!! Thanks to the magic of the internet I’m bringing it to the masses plus management is always telling us that we need more web content so here you go the release of Nathan the Red Neck Racist.


A Tribute to Billy Madison

So I know by how I respond to Bill sometimes on air people think I have a lack of respect for him. That right there would be 100% fake news, I respect the crap out of Bill so much that I made a song to tell him ” Hey bro youre the dude”

So here’s my special tribute to Bill…

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Has anyone ever noticed how much attempted murder is in wrestling?

So I spent a good part of the weekend watching the dubya- dubya- eeee network… big surprise, but holy fuck attempted murder is like a really big thing in wrestling and for a show that’s supposed to be “real” its amazing how no fucks are givin about the fact that the majority of the employees of the WWE spend about 90% of their time trying to murder each other. Don’t get me wrong I’m in no way shape or form a snowflake so watching men set each other on fire and get crushed in cars is my shit, it reminds me of watching faces of death as a 10 year old but damn these dudes have elaborate ways of trying to kill each other like they’re fucking jigsaw and its time to play a game.

Either way here is a dope video of Stone Cold trying to kill Triple H because a year before he had Rakishi run him down with a car.




Pardon my grammar and spelling errors I went to public school.


Look at the nuts on Kimmel. Check out this video of Jimmy Kimmel playing moderator in MAGA VS DACA.

Before I start what little bit I write let me state that I have no political view at all, in fact I didn’t even vote cause that shit takes way too long.


So… let me just say Kimmel must have a farmers market in his pants cause he gave no fucks when he did this bit. This legit could have gone sideways fast especially since her Army boyfriend wasn’t hearing what these dudes were saying. Notice Kimmel didn’t have anyone on that set that he couldn’t handle physically cause his shirt was a tad feminine which is cool cause its 2018 but I’m just saying not many guys who wear shirts like that win a fight.


Excuse all my grammar and spelling mistakes I went to public school…