It’s Not Kyler Murray’s Fault That He’s A Loser

Before I get started, I just want to say what a huge fan I am of Kyler Murray. I worked in Dallas around the Time that he was winning every football game he played in for The Allen Eagles and I followed him to Texas A&M and then on to Ou. I also admit, I thought he would be a huge bust for The Cardinals. I was wrong and admitted that half way thru his rookie season. I honestly thought he would get killed because of his size but the kid can ball.

Although Kyler is a complete baller on the field, he has this weird loser mentality off of it and that was made crystal clear with his comments when asked if he was a Dallas Cowboys Fan growing up. You can read the full article here

He wasn’t wrong in saying The Cowboys were ass because they were and honestly still are until they at least make an NFC title game again. The problem I have is with Kyler’s mentality. Basically he along with anyone else who graduated after 2005 is that if you don’t win titles, you suck. People act like this is how winners think and I guess if you’re playing the sport that’s fine. But if you are just a fan, that makes you a team hopping bandwagoning pussy. I can’t think of a whole lot that pisses me off more than people like that. I mean how can you even actually enjoy a championship as a fan if you haven’t been there thru thick and thin???

Loyalty. That’s what I’m all about. Forget about me cheating on my ex wife a billion years ago. I’m not talking about that shit. I’m talking about team loyalty. And although I can admit it may be hard to support a team that hasn’t been good in your lifetime, I think it’s a weak mentality to always be sucking off the champs. Dynasty’s are rare in sports today and that means Kyler and the people of his generation are getting on there knees for a new champion every other year. I bet Kyler loved the Warriors a couple years ago, Thought The Lakers we’re awesome or claim to have always liked The Bucs. Fuck that. To me, IMO, Those people are everything that sucks ass about people.

I support The Huskers of my home state of Nebraska and The Dallas Cowboys until I die and they both haven’t won a damn thing since before I had pubes. It sucks but I’d rather hold that L over having a closet full of different jerseys. So fuck you Kyler Murray. I don’t care that you’re a bad mf who is 5’4 and won The Heisman trophy. Your mentality is weak and because of that, you will never be a Champion….. on the pro level I mean. I know he has like 8 Texas State Titles In High School and never lost a game which is insane.

And I didn’t write this blog cause I’m butthurt about his comments on my beloved Cowboys. I just genuinely think his thought process is shit. Nothing personal. Just don’t like his personal personality.

Last last thing. This picture of Kyler Murray wearing Cowboys gear at a Cowboys Game is hilarious.

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