no chance Jon Bones jones and francis ngannou actually fight

Before I even speculate on this potential mega fight let me start by saying, I am the most casual fight fan you will ever meet. By no means am I any kind of an authority on the fight game. I only watch the big ones. Connor, Floyd, Jake Paul etc.

But if there is one thing I understand, Money. And according to Jon Bones the money ain’t comin anytime soon.

Bones want’s a whole hell of a lot more than that and rightfully so. Nate Diaz seems to think 40 million is the low end of what Bones should get.

I really can’t blame Dana for his stance and how he negotiates, Jon has obviously hurt himself over the years to diminish his reputation. Can’t blame Dana for wondering if Jon would even be able to pass a drug test knowing the challenge he will be facing in the octagon. Also very tough to act like Dana doesn’t know what the hell he is doing after making the UFC a legit Billion Dollar Company. For myself and all the other casual Fight fans out there, We really would like for this to be our 1 fight a year purchase. Hopefully these guys can find an amount that is fair to all parties.

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