I know a lot of you out there might be wondering, “Who tf is your producer?” I know that we have had a few over the years (Radio wears people out) but for the last 2 we have had Jared. He stays behind the scenes for the most part handling our syndication and making sure we have everything we need for when we are on air. For the past couple of years he has been in a constant battle with his health and was even completely sidelined for a few months last year because of health reasons.

Jared recently found out that he needs a kidney transplant. The dude has had a pretty brutal past 12 months like most others but he has REALLY been going thru it ( Minus the engagement to the love of his life that he never shuts up about). I’ve known Jared for about 10 years now and he really is a good dude, Jared just gets the shit end of the stick more than he should. He works hard, Loves his fiancé and would like to have a family one day. Let’s Help make that happen!!!

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