Bill Burr didn’T GET VERY MANY LAUGHS ON SNL and I’m very Concerned ABOUT THIS

I’m honestly about to start shiiting my pants. Bare with me. Bill Burr goes on SNL and absolutley kills it and gets virtually ZERO laughter from the audience. The JOKES apparently made alot of people very uneasy. If you click on the tweet you can go read the comments yourself. They basically commented the way the audience nervously laughed and sometimes even gave him crickets.

This bothers me so much and for mostly selfish reasons. If you listen to the BMS than you know that I like to go for the Joke that people may think is a little rude. It’s not because I get off to being an asshole, It’s just how my sense of Humor is. Over the last few years I’ve really started to get worried because this type of humor seems to be dying…… Well not really. What I mean is, This type of humor seems to be getting less ad revunue for their podcasts and other sponsored content. That worries me to death.

I gotta kid in Middle School and I manage my money like a complete asshole. If I get fired or my company lets my contract expire simply because I told a joke about women? It’s a joke!!!! Relax people. Holy shit, Criticize news coverage or the debate but give me a fucking break with these takedowns of COMEDIANS and COMEDY SHOWS!!!

Kudos to Bill Burr though, He just plowed right through it, He was killing but you couldn’t tell by the crowd reaction.

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