I’m Not Sure How To Feel About Matthew McConaughey’s Alter Ego Bobby Bandito

I want to hate it, I really do but besides the fact that he kinda looks like hell for the first time ever, Matthew spits fire no matter what he is selling. It could be aids pills, a New Lincoln or how Vince Young is the greatest College Football player of All-TIME. If McConaughey is selling it? I’m buying it.

Take this Bobby Bandito character for example. Just hearing about it makes me think what a turd this is about to be. Then Matt starts spitting fire. I would love to talk in rhymes. McConaughey and Mayweather are literally the best when it comes to that and I’m pretty sure it’s because they both struggle with reading. No worries, I struggle with portion control. We all got issues and before anyone emails me about McConaughey teaching at Texas…… Don’t. Either way enjoy “Bobby Bandito”


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