This Old Lady Claims Tik Tok Kicked Her Off The App For Being Too Hot

Daily Star –A mum has accused video sharing social network TikTok for β€œnot allowing” her to be sexy in posts. Neyleen Ashley, 31, claims she’s had several posts banned in the past when all she’s doing is β€œstanding there with her curvy body”.

The mum, who has 1.8 million followers on Instagram , says other social media users have done the same dances while wearing bikinis but haven’t had anything blocked. She said: β€œI’ve had several posts banned. All because I was standing there with my curvy body.

β€œThere are girls doing the same dances I’m doing and they’re wearing bikinis, but me fully clothed I get banned.”

Neyleen says most reactions she receives on TikTok are positive, but she does receive cruel jibes about her age sometimes.

This mom is obviously really into herself but she has to realize that tik tok is for the Kids. She is 30, That’s why she got kicked off Tik Tok. Has nothing to do with her looks, Just her age.