Olivia Culpo Named World’s Sexiest Woman

Ehhhh, 27 is a little old to be named Maxim’s “Sexiest Woman Alive” but other than that, Olivia Culpo is a very deserving woman. Former Miss Universe and Ex Girlfriend of Tom Brady’s good friend Danny Amendola.


We Have Cameras in Studio Now

I dreaded this day for a long time. I got into Radio to be behind a mic, Not a camera, For obvious reasons I’m not very happy about it. People seem to love it and the People are all that matters. You can catch the show live on Facebook M-F 6am-10am CST. If you miss it, I will also upload it to Youtube every afternoon.




Russian Company Pays Women More If They Wear Short Skirts.

So I read this whole story and you can too if you click this link….. Here’s my breakdown. An Aluminum company is Russia is tired of their female employees dressing and looking like males and they want to encourage women to dress more feminine. These are their words not mine. I know plenty of girls who don’t look like girls and more power to them. Back to the story, So this company is offering females bonus pay if they wear short skirts and then send a selfie to their boss.

short skirts


Total ho move by this company but it’s Russia for god’s sake. You can’t even be gay over there. I also wouldn’t date a girl that works there. Apparently there is like 700 dudes to 150 Females……. Not good.


Cleveland Police Cruiser Takes A Loss After It Gets Dildo’d

Hate to see it happen to anybody. Even A Police Officer but in this case. Better them than me. Kudos to whoever did this though and they must have deep pockets because “I Hear” dildos are not cheap….. And that just made me think. What if they didn’t buy it just to pull off this prank. What if. What if it’s used!!!!!!! Yikes. God Speed Cleveland Police.

dildo on cruiser

-Dildo Derek