I did another Episode of The Degenerate Derek Podcast and it’s not very good

I could not have wrote a more honest title. Am I proud of it? No but it is what it is. This time of year for sports is legit miserable. Especially with how bad the NBA Playoffs have been. Has there been one entertaining series outside of the Spurs and The Nuggets? I guess the Raptors-76ers series was pretty good but outside of that. Trash. But either way, The Boss said he needed me to do more episodes, So here it is. Episode 31.



An Argument At An Ihop Has Never Ended In A Handshake

First of all, Credit to this guy for getting the shit smacked out of him and for instantly engaging in hand to hand combat. He could have easily allowed to Ihop man to hold him back but not him. He’s got too much Chad in him to allow that.

But next time, He’s gotta see this smack coming. I mean, How could you not? When has an argument at Ihop ever ended with one Gentlemen saying ” Agree to Disagree, Good Day sir” The answer is never. It’s never happened ever. If someone comes at you at an overnight pancake spot, You either gotta be prepared to throw hands or run. No other option. So I give the man credit for fighting but I would say his awareness needs some work.


What Derek Did This Morning

I love this video. Actually, I don’t love it. I don’t even know if I like it. But this is me just living my life. Watching this guy chug a Route 44  Strawberry Sprite from Sonic. Which not to be a dick but he said that Route 44’s were new at Sonic? I cringed but outside of that, I thought it was cool that he tipped the dude 20 bucks and then made sure everyone saw how much he gave him. Some would call it an asshole move. I personally do the same thing so I’m good with it.

So far. This is all I’ve accomplished this morning.