Seth Rogen Didn’t Have To Do Us Like This. But He Did and He Looked Damn Good Doing It.

Seth Rogen didn’t have to shit on us on the Cover of GQ like that but he did and I can’t say I blame him. The thing about Seth Rogen is, Everyone loves him but they’ve always said how he wasn’t very good looking. I always disagreed with this. Of course, Seth is not Magic Mike but I never thought he was ugly. Either way, the guy has made some of the funniest movies of all time, He’s had sex with legit 10’s, He has millions upon millions of dollars, He has a beautiful wife and now, Believe it or not. He’s hot!

rogen gq 1

Congrats to him. I’m heartbroken personally because to me, He’s no longer relatable. I mean the best thing about this guy is that he dominated Hollywood even though people thought he wasn’t that good looking. He was out there doing the damn thing for us monsters and I was damn proud of him for it. But now he’s too good to be my hero.


rogen 2

What I’m trying to say is that Seth Rogen is now the most Desirable Man on The Planet. Think about it, The guys who live the best lives are the Guys who are Athletes but usually, Athletes are bad with money which causes their wives to leave them and because of that, they get humbled. The Next is the rich guys, but a lot of times these guys are very weird in social interactions and usually end up scaring off overly attractive women and that humbles them. After them, It’s just straight up hot guys but often times these guys are too into themselves so they still get cheated on and that humbles them. Last is the Funny guys but these guys are often not very attractive and usually have to get with girls that have been with lots of other guys. Which humbles them.


rogen 3

Now Seth Rogen is Funny, Rich and Good Looking???? Good lord. Luckily he’s not an Athlete, because if he could hoop, then we would have to say he’s Jesus Christ.

Hopefully, for everyone’s sake, He decides to remain a faithful loving Husband.  Life is strange. But regardless I’m happy for him.

rogen 4rogen 5


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