Kid Gets Owned By A Drunk Cleat Chaser

First of all, This is my 4th blog of the day. I’m dominating today. Now, lets get to this video.

The first thing that jumps out to me is that mom looks like Kris Jennar (Kardashian). The next thing I notice is how this little girl took that L. I’m so proud of her. You can tell she takes L’s all day every day. I’m sure she has older brothers and goes to school with dickheads. She’s so used to getting the shit end of the stick that she just goes on to the next thing. I mean just look at her immediately hit the steps up to her seat after she saw this cleat chaser get the ball.  Hats off to her. I’m sure she’s the middle and forgotten child. Just gonna make her stronger and I’m sure because of these experiences, She will dominate the fast food management field and fire no call no shows on the spot.

In all seriousness though. The lady who got the ball is a real asshole…. The worst part is she’s sitting front row so I’m sure she lives a great life. Tough break kid.

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