Conor McGregor Says He Lost The Match To Khabib but Won The Fight

Some people are gonna laugh and hiss at Conor McGregor’s recent comments he made while recording a Podcast with Tony Robbins that was released this week. But not me. I personally love his Outlook.  Here is the exact quote from Conor – “At the end of the day, I landed the final blow of the night, right on his brother’s eye socket, Although the match didn’t go my way, the fight went my way. And trust me when I tell you, Tony, this war is not over. If this fight does not happen again, if it does not get reset, it’s on them. They’re running away. I’m here for the fight and here for the rematch.”

If anything, I give the guy Credit for hyping up the after fight – fight. I feel like most guys would have cried foul and made a bigger deal about it but not Conor. The Man loved it.

But in all seriousness. Conor might be a little delusional wanting a rematch. Not sure this fight would go any different although to his credit he thinks the fight would go differently.  He talked about an injury he suffered before the fight and his lack of focus. He also stated that he thought he trained for defensive tactics too much, Instead of fine-tuning his attacking strategies which is the way he wants to fight.

The injury talk and lack of focus sound like excuses but again, I credit him for wanting another go at it. The man isn’t fazed nor scared.

Here is the entire interview




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