Kid Gets Owned By A Drunk Cleat Chaser

First of all, This is my 4th blog of the day. I’m dominating today. Now, lets get to this video.

The first thing that jumps out to me is that mom looks like Kris Jennar (Kardashian). The next thing I notice is how this little girl took that L. I’m so proud of her. You can tell she takes L’s all day every day. I’m sure she has older brothers and goes to school with dickheads. She’s so used to getting the shit end of the stick that she just goes on to the next thing. I mean just look at her immediately hit the steps up to her seat after she saw this cleat chaser get the ball.  Hats off to her. I’m sure she’s the middle and forgotten child. Just gonna make her stronger and I’m sure because of these experiences, She will dominate the fast food management field and fire no call no shows on the spot.

In all seriousness though. The lady who got the ball is a real asshole…. The worst part is she’s sitting front row so I’m sure she lives a great life. Tough break kid.

Conor McGregor Says He Lost The Match To Khabib but Won The Fight

Some people are gonna laugh and hiss at Conor McGregor’s recent comments he made while recording a Podcast with Tony Robbins that was released this week. But not me. I personally love his Outlook.  Here is the exact quote from Conor – “At the end of the day, I landed the final blow of the night, right on his brother’s eye socket, Although the match didn’t go my way, the fight went my way. And trust me when I tell you, Tony, this war is not over. If this fight does not happen again, if it does not get reset, it’s on them. They’re running away. I’m here for the fight and here for the rematch.”

If anything, I give the guy Credit for hyping up the after fight – fight. I feel like most guys would have cried foul and made a bigger deal about it but not Conor. The Man loved it.

But in all seriousness. Conor might be a little delusional wanting a rematch. Not sure this fight would go any different although to his credit he thinks the fight would go differently.  He talked about an injury he suffered before the fight and his lack of focus. He also stated that he thought he trained for defensive tactics too much, Instead of fine-tuning his attacking strategies which is the way he wants to fight.

The injury talk and lack of focus sound like excuses but again, I credit him for wanting another go at it. The man isn’t fazed nor scared.

Here is the entire interview




Seth Rogen Didn’t Have To Do Us Like This. But He Did and He Looked Damn Good Doing It.

Seth Rogen didn’t have to shit on us on the Cover of GQ like that but he did and I can’t say I blame him. The thing about Seth Rogen is, Everyone loves him but they’ve always said how he wasn’t very good looking. I always disagreed with this. Of course, Seth is not Magic Mike but I never thought he was ugly. Either way, the guy has made some of the funniest movies of all time, He’s had sex with legit 10’s, He has millions upon millions of dollars, He has a beautiful wife and now, Believe it or not. He’s hot!

rogen gq 1

Congrats to him. I’m heartbroken personally because to me, He’s no longer relatable. I mean the best thing about this guy is that he dominated Hollywood even though people thought he wasn’t that good looking. He was out there doing the damn thing for us monsters and I was damn proud of him for it. But now he’s too good to be my hero.


rogen 2

What I’m trying to say is that Seth Rogen is now the most Desirable Man on The Planet. Think about it, The guys who live the best lives are the Guys who are Athletes but usually, Athletes are bad with money which causes their wives to leave them and because of that, they get humbled. The Next is the rich guys, but a lot of times these guys are very weird in social interactions and usually end up scaring off overly attractive women and that humbles them. After them, It’s just straight up hot guys but often times these guys are too into themselves so they still get cheated on and that humbles them. Last is the Funny guys but these guys are often not very attractive and usually have to get with girls that have been with lots of other guys. Which humbles them.


rogen 3

Now Seth Rogen is Funny, Rich and Good Looking???? Good lord. Luckily he’s not an Athlete, because if he could hoop, then we would have to say he’s Jesus Christ.

Hopefully, for everyone’s sake, He decides to remain a faithful loving Husband.  Life is strange. But regardless I’m happy for him.

rogen 4rogen 5


I did another Episode of The Degenerate Derek Podcast and it’s not very good

I could not have wrote a more honest title. Am I proud of it? No but it is what it is. This time of year for sports is legit miserable. Especially with how bad the NBA Playoffs have been. Has there been one entertaining series outside of the Spurs and The Nuggets? I guess the Raptors-76ers series was pretty good but outside of that. Trash. But either way, The Boss said he needed me to do more episodes, So here it is. Episode 31.



An Argument At An Ihop Has Never Ended In A Handshake

First of all, Credit to this guy for getting the shit smacked out of him and for instantly engaging in hand to hand combat. He could have easily allowed to Ihop man to hold him back but not him. He’s got too much Chad in him to allow that.

But next time, He’s gotta see this smack coming. I mean, How could you not? When has an argument at Ihop ever ended with one Gentlemen saying ” Agree to Disagree, Good Day sir” The answer is never. It’s never happened ever. If someone comes at you at an overnight pancake spot, You either gotta be prepared to throw hands or run. No other option. So I give the man credit for fighting but I would say his awareness needs some work.


What Derek Did This Morning

I love this video. Actually, I don’t love it. I don’t even know if I like it. But this is me just living my life. Watching this guy chug a Route 44  Strawberry Sprite from Sonic. Which not to be a dick but he said that Route 44’s were new at Sonic? I cringed but outside of that, I thought it was cool that he tipped the dude 20 bucks and then made sure everyone saw how much he gave him. Some would call it an asshole move. I personally do the same thing so I’m good with it.

So far. This is all I’ve accomplished this morning.