This Sex Ed Video Is The Scariest Video On The Internet

Yikes. Watch the video below then let’s discuss.

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“It gets really itchy” 😂😭

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These are the things that bring out Freddy Kruger when I sleep. The accuracy of her knowledge is too accurate for me. Whoever taught this class needs to tone it down a little bit. I remember 5th grade, I left the sex ed class thinking you’re supposed to masturbate with deodorant.

The part where she says it itches was true for me. I remember when I was in the 7th grade and my penis started to get swollen and itched like crazy. I asked my buddy Brian who had already gone thru puberty, I knew this because it was well known at our school that his girlfriend gave him a mouthhug in the woods over the summer. So I asked him if what I was going thru was normal. I thought that eventually, I would shed this scaly itching skin like a cocoon and my grown man penis would appear. He said no, That’s not what happened to him at all. Turns out I just had poison ivy and it cleared up in about a week with lots of Caladryl lotion.


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