Zero Chance The Jupiter Police Got The Right Robert Kraft

Imagine, You’re the owner of The New England Patriots, You’re worth literally 6.6 Billion Dollars (Actually his net-worth) You’re an adorable old man and this is the place where you get your handjobs?

day spa

There has to be a mistake. They have to have the wrong Robert Kraft. Right? Can you imagine a Billionaire walking into an establishment like this? It’s almost funny to think about it.

But to bury him for sex trafficking is a bit over the top in my opinion. I never thought I was supporting sex trafficking any of the 3 different times I was receiving a nice rub down and then all of sudden I’m propositioned for extra treatments. One of the times was my friend’s mom and she definitely was under any kind of trafficking. She was just on meth, Probably. So let’s not act like every rub down place that does happy endings is being run by a Chinese mob that is forcing the women to be there because it’s simply not true.

Was that the case in this place? Maybe, The girls were allegedly forced to live there and could never leave but how is Robert Kraft suppose to know this? He’s not the FBI.

And for anyone that ever thinks they’re gonna stop guys from going to spa’s to get handy’s. You’ve lost your mind.

PS- Sex Trafficking is the worst thing in the world. Along with Murder and Child Molesters. That’s my official statement on Sex Trafficking



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