The News W/Derek for Monday 02/18/19

Story 1 – Tekashi six nine or 6ix 9ine I think. Is reportedly in full on tattle tale mode and I’m not sure I blame him. I get it, If that’s the life you live then you should take whatever comes your way. But i’m just saying, For me personally. I would have told on everyone.

For those that have no idea who this guy is or what I’m talking about. Tekashi is a rapper that has rainbow colored hair and a giant 6 9 tattooed on his face. He was arrested late in 2018 and charged with a whole host of things that all surrounded gang life. Robbery, Assaults, Shootings etc. Apparently he had a ton of evidence captured and saved on his phone.

The story that came out late Sunday was that he is fully cooperating with the FBI and is expected to enter the witness protection program. How are they gonna hide this guy? I have no clue.

6 9

Story 2 – Denny Hamlin wins the 2019 Daytona 500. Nascar is a great event to attend in person. Lots of drinking, Nudity and all around fun. Never watched a race on TV. Including this one. I just saw on Twitter that Denny Hamlin took the checkered flag.

PhotoELF Edits: 2016:02:21 --- Batch Resized

I was confused at first because The story said Kyle Bush took the 1st stage and some Ryan dude won the 2nd stage but Denny Hamlin won the race…Apparently Nascar races are now done in stages and you earn points if you place in the top 10 in stages which go towards your chances of getting into the Nascar Playoff. Kinda reminds me of the Baseketball Playoff scenario scene.

There was also an insane 21 car pileup that happened with 9 laps to go. The guys calling the race were so disappointed, At the 28 second mark you can hear it “Well that ruined everything”.



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