NBA Allstar Weekend Is Off To A Miserable Start

I really regret spending my Friday night watching anything related to NBA Allstar weekend. Worst move I made all weekend so far. I’m set to go to an Ikea tomorrow that just opened so that might take the lead but so far the worst part was definitely watching not only the ‘Rising Stars’ game but I also watched the shit show known as the Celebrity game.

The best part of the Celebrity game was “Little Person” and “Comedian” Brad Williams (We’ve had him in studio 2 or 3 times) Really funny dude and it was really funny watching him book it up and down a full size basketball court. Little People look like they run really fast BTW.

Well done Brad, Well Done.

I love this picture, Not only does Brad look great but Ray Allen looks like he’s enjoying himself as well. He also brings up a great point about the Roster. I knew about 5 people on the court. Brad Williams, The Migos dude, Ray Allen, Steve Smith former NFL receiver and someone else.

The Rising stars game is the game that is really a head scratcher. What’s the point? Does ESPN need that for filler? I was confused and bored the whole entire time. I honestly flipped over to Twitch to watch my guy Ninja win his 2nd Apex tournament in a row. NBD.

The Rising stars game is set between Team World vs Team USA.ย  USA ended up winning the game 161 -144 with LA Laker Kyle Kuzma winning The MVP with his 35 points. Ben Simmons led Team World with 28. Who cares.

But man, Did I love the way these doofuses closed out the night. Stellar night for the NBA. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the weekend brings us.

One thought on “NBA Allstar Weekend Is Off To A Miserable Start”

  1. Never been a fan of Friday night Celeb NBA. personally, itโ€™s GAY AF (I.E- IM NOT INTERESTED)…… True fans of the game DGAF about celebs playing. The Freshman/Rookie game is where you get to see the bad asses. Sundayโ€™s game with the old dudes gets just as boring because thereโ€™s no DAMN DEFENSE ๐Ÿ˜ก. Now Iโ€™m at peace, thanks for reading an opinion ๐Ÿคœ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿค›


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