Stripper Bowl Recap

The Stripper Bowl looked like the place to be Monday Night….. I’ve never heard of the Stripper Bowl before, Is it new? Yes, Apparentley this was the first ever and it was thrown by Atlanta based record label – Quality Control – who has artist like The Migos, Lil Yachty and 21 Savage  on the label.


The Money, MY GAWD THE MONEY!!! I’ve never wanted to be a big booty stripper in my entire life! Who knows the total? I’ve seen people say it’s anywhere from 1-5 million dollars that rained down on the evening.

I take back that wanting to be a stripper comment after seeing this next tweet!

All that money and they only took home $1200??? Yikes……Wait, Nevermind. That girl has no clue how numbers work. Apparently each girl took home $120,000 for one night of dancing.

The Event has seemed to of inspired girls all over the internet to set big goals for themselves next year. Like this girl who plans on working the event with her Aunt.

Already looking forward to next years Stripper Bowl.


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