A Honey Badger Is In The Lead For Mom Of The Year After Saving Her Baby From A Leopard!

Honey Badgers have built a great reputation for themselves over the past few years. In case you don’t know, Honey Badgers are known for not giving a f*ck. They will fight anybody or anything. It could be a Leopard, Khabib, a Felon or a Giraffe, It does not matter to them.

This fight in particular shows a Mother Honey Badger rushing in to defend one of her offspring who was getting ready to take the Big L at the paws of this Leopard. That was until the spotted feline got completely bullied by a true Alpha.


The look says it all. Shock and defeat is what it says. Also maybe a little embarrasament after realizing this was gonna wind up on Youtube. I get the same look on my face when someone kills me using a trap on Fortnite.


honey badger.png

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