I Love Betting On The New England Patriots

I hate betting on the Patriots. More than any other team. It’s currently the beginning of the 4th quarter when I’m starting this blog and I’m legit scared I’m about to lose $550. Tom Brady Brady threw an incomplete pass on 3rd and 4, So now they are punting which gives the Rams the ball back with a tie game at 3-3.

Billy just text me basically blaming me because I gave the Rams a 0.0000000000000% chance of winning. Same as I did last year with the Eagles. This ain’t my fault……….Or is it. Is witch craft real? I would say witch craft is 0.00000000001% real. But this is just what the Patriots do. They make you wait the whole game. No matter what. The Rams have looked so bad the entire game, While the Patriots have dominated in every aspect except where it matters, The Scoreboard. Why is this drive taking forever? I just want to know how this shit ends. Just like I do when I’m gonna watch a scary movie. I look online to see what the worst parts of the movie are. Chicken shit? Maybe. But I’m not a big jump scare guy.

Damn Goff just got leveled. Clean hit. Rams are 3rd and 22 with 10:30 minutes left and they hand it off to Todd Gurley for a l yard loss. Come on, LFG Tommy. These commercials have sucked ass btw. Not that I’ve really been watching them. I’mostly on Twitter during Commercial. Twitter is the best. All other Social Media is trash. Can’t get an overreaction or rude comment faster than you can on Twitter. @BMS_Derek for those that care to drop a follow. @BMS_Nard has way more followers than I do but that’s also because somebody bought him 50,000 followers, Not making excuses just stating hardcore and by hardcore, I mean solid facts.

Oh Shit!!!! Tom Brady throws a great ball to Gronk, 1st and GOAL….. TOUCHDOWN!!! Pats winning 10-3. I knew it, I knew it!!!

I’m still scared. Nothing worse than losing $500. I get it. Some of you are rich,I’m not. I’m divorced. Rams need to go away, Fuck they just crossed into Patriots territory. They are inside the 30!!!! NO. Cooks just got hammered and he dropped a TD! This game is too close. GOFF THROWS A INTERCEPTION!!!!! PATRIOTS BALL

Oh Shit, That ASMR commercial is on and it TURNS ME ON! That was attractive. I do think guys do better ASMR though.

Back to the game….. Patriots take over inside their own 5 with 4:17 left. So much time left…. Fuck that, Ball game. Sonny Michel just busted open a 30 yard run!!! Patriots winning this shit, I’m getting paid! Rams running out of time. Patriots are pretty much a First Down away from ending this shit.



That almost sucked though. Cograts to me on knowing which team to align my money with.


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