Pete Davidson Is Happy Mac Miller Is Dead

I just read a story where Comedian/ Ex Boyfriend of Ariana Grande / SNL cast member Pete Davidson threw a Heckler out of one his comedy shows after the heckler cucked him and yelled out ‘Mac Miller’. This apparently set Pete off who called him a f*ck face and had him removed from the show. TMZ has the audio, You can click here to check it out.

Pete should take a break. This Ariana Grande break up has ruined him. I know he has recently discussed some mental health struggles. A lot of us are. No excuse to just throw a guy out just because he referenced your dead Eskimo brother. He didn’t have the guy removed out of respect for Mac. Pete had the guy kicked out because the guy made Pete Davidson think about a guy who used to have sex with the girl Pete still loves. That’s it.

Pete loves that Mac Miller is dead. How could he not? What guy on this planet wouldn’t love to know, That the last dude your lady slept with, Was DEAD. It would be a tremendous feeling. I could only imagine how cool it must have felt to be Pete Davidson when Mac Miller died. Those aren’t my feelings. No, I was sad about it (Just to be clear). I’m just imagining Pete Davidson had to be thrilled.

I don’t even hate the fact that people are applauding Pete for throwing the guy out. It’s under a false understanding of why he actually did it but none the less, He is getting praise and that’s all that matter for this poor soul.

In closing, I have come to a diagnosis that Ariana Grande has ruined this man. I know, I’m late to that opinion but I just wanted to be sure before I made any rash statement but think about it. Pete Davidson went from a guy who made 9/11 jokes where his father tragically lost his life. To a guy that is so broken and so soft that he can’t stomach someone even mentioning the name Mac Miller, It causes him to go into a mental fetal position for a good 7 seconds where he thinks about Mac Miller’s tattooed naked body thrusting into his former fiance.

I feel bad for the guy. And for the record, I in no way blame Ariana for this behavior, It’s not her fault that she’s perfect. I would be in the exact same boat as Pete except I would have actually cried real tears on stage the moment ‘Mac Miller’ came out of that cuckler’s mouth. God speed Pete.


This Sex Ed Video Is The Scariest Video On The Internet

Yikes. Watch the video below then let’s discuss.

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“It gets really itchy” 😂😭

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These are the things that bring out Freddy Kruger when I sleep. The accuracy of her knowledge is too accurate for me. Whoever taught this class needs to tone it down a little bit. I remember 5th grade, I left the sex ed class thinking you’re supposed to masturbate with deodorant.

The part where she says it itches was true for me. I remember when I was in the 7th grade and my penis started to get swollen and itched like crazy. I asked my buddy Brian who had already gone thru puberty, I knew this because it was well known at our school that his girlfriend gave him a mouthhug in the woods over the summer. So I asked him if what I was going thru was normal. I thought that eventually, I would shed this scaly itching skin like a cocoon and my grown man penis would appear. He said no, That’s not what happened to him at all. Turns out I just had poison ivy and it cleared up in about a week with lots of Caladryl lotion.


Zero Chance The Jupiter Police Got The Right Robert Kraft

Imagine, You’re the owner of The New England Patriots, You’re worth literally 6.6 Billion Dollars (Actually his net-worth) You’re an adorable old man and this is the place where you get your handjobs?

day spa

There has to be a mistake. They have to have the wrong Robert Kraft. Right? Can you imagine a Billionaire walking into an establishment like this? It’s almost funny to think about it.

But to bury him for sex trafficking is a bit over the top in my opinion. I never thought I was supporting sex trafficking any of the 3 different times I was receiving a nice rub down and then all of sudden I’m propositioned for extra treatments. One of the times was my friend’s mom and she definitely was under any kind of trafficking. She was just on meth, Probably. So let’s not act like every rub down place that does happy endings is being run by a Chinese mob that is forcing the women to be there because it’s simply not true.

Was that the case in this place? Maybe, The girls were allegedly forced to live there and could never leave but how is Robert Kraft suppose to know this? He’s not the FBI.

And for anyone that ever thinks they’re gonna stop guys from going to spa’s to get handy’s. You’ve lost your mind.

PS- Sex Trafficking is the worst thing in the world. Along with Murder and Child Molesters. That’s my official statement on Sex Trafficking



The News W/Derek for Monday 02/18/19

Story 1 – Tekashi six nine or 6ix 9ine I think. Is reportedly in full on tattle tale mode and I’m not sure I blame him. I get it, If that’s the life you live then you should take whatever comes your way. But i’m just saying, For me personally. I would have told on everyone.

For those that have no idea who this guy is or what I’m talking about. Tekashi is a rapper that has rainbow colored hair and a giant 6 9 tattooed on his face. He was arrested late in 2018 and charged with a whole host of things that all surrounded gang life. Robbery, Assaults, Shootings etc. Apparently he had a ton of evidence captured and saved on his phone.

The story that came out late Sunday was that he is fully cooperating with the FBI and is expected to enter the witness protection program. How are they gonna hide this guy? I have no clue.

6 9

Story 2 – Denny Hamlin wins the 2019 Daytona 500. Nascar is a great event to attend in person. Lots of drinking, Nudity and all around fun. Never watched a race on TV. Including this one. I just saw on Twitter that Denny Hamlin took the checkered flag.

PhotoELF Edits: 2016:02:21 --- Batch Resized

I was confused at first because The story said Kyle Bush took the 1st stage and some Ryan dude won the 2nd stage but Denny Hamlin won the race…Apparently Nascar races are now done in stages and you earn points if you place in the top 10 in stages which go towards your chances of getting into the Nascar Playoff. Kinda reminds me of the Baseketball Playoff scenario scene.

There was also an insane 21 car pileup that happened with 9 laps to go. The guys calling the race were so disappointed, At the 28 second mark you can hear it “Well that ruined everything”.



300 Car Pileup Leaves 1 Dead. The Footage Is Crazy!!!

  Seeing those big ass tractor trailers just come hauling ass out of the snow and straight into the pileup was legitimately  terrifying to watch. The most shocking part about all of this was that only 1 person died.  My Question is, How does the insurance handle this? Do cops have to identify each vehicle in the collision and who exactly hit who? Seems like a lot of paperwork. And I wanna know what that highway looks like right now. Like are there still cars everywhere? So many questions.