Fire Lions Head Coach Matt Patricia If He Doesn’t Cut Darius Slay

I’ve seen a lot of bullshit in my day but this ranks near the top. It’s the reason I don’t watch the Pro Bowl. I Can’t stand watching Jason Garret coaching up Eagles, Giants and Redskins. I can’t stand to watch division rivals act like best friends. It bothers me to my core. I spend too much money on Cowboys shit to watch rivals be buddy buddy. Keep that shit behind closed doors.

This is the most pathetic thing I think I’ve ever seen though.  Detroit Lion Darius Slay who is participating in a game wearing a Detroit Lion helmet sharing a jacket with division rival and Chicago Bear Kyle Fuller? Give me a break. This shit is gross.

Is this what Belichick taught you Matt? I think not.



Every BMS Podcast From 2019 Is Available For Download. You’re Welcome

I’m not really a goal guy. Never have been. It goes against my natural desire to want to do nothing everyday but with that said, I did tell myself on top of blogging everyday, I wanted to make sure every BMS episode got uploaded in a timely manner.

As of January 27th 2019 I can proudly say that every live BMS episode of 2019 is available for you.  below you can find two links. Itunes link for those that have an Iphone and a desktop/android link for those that don’t. You’re welcome and happy to help.

And typically you won’t see an Episode uploaded until 24hours has passed. This is to help promote our BMS 24/7 stream which you can find a link to that on the home page.



To Be Fair – Women Wrestling Is Just As Awful As Men Wrestling

Not how I imagined spending my Sunday evening but I’m here sitting at my computer desk watching WWE’s Royal Rumble. Why? I’m not sure how to answer that but regardless the biggest thing I’ve noticed about this event is that The WWE is definitely being dominated by women. My first initial reaction was “Holy shit this sucks” but as the event has went on I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s no different than guys wrestling. That shit sucks just as much.

I watched this girl Becky Lynch who apparently goes by “The Man” which is a great gimmick by the way, Lose the opening match to some girl who looked like Asia’s version of Tekashi 69. I was thinking how she goes by “The Man” but loses the opening match to a woman? But that would be sexist so I didn’t think about that.

Next match was a brutal one and it was all male. It was the tag team championship match between the Miz, Shane McMahon vs Some Guy and Some other Irish guy named Shamus. The Match Sucked ass from start to finish. The Miz and The Owners Son won. Shocker. Tag team matches should be eliminated. They all suck. Not entertaining and definitely just filler. But brutal awful filler.

Following that match was some beautiful Angel named Sasha Banks vs Ronda Rousey. That match wasn’t the worst but “The Baddest Woman Alive” (which is a laughable nickname for Ronda) pulled off the win against her much prettier counter part Sasha.

Next match is The Womens Royal Rumble so I’ll be turning this shit off now and heading back to Fortnight.


Demi Rose Is A Goddess

I got nothing on this blog other than she’s so hot, She’s the most hottest-beautiful person I’ve ever seen. I appreciate Daily Mail for continuing to post articles about her with lots of pics. I’ve never read one of the articles and now I’m kinda curious as to what they even say. I wonder if they say exactly what I’m saying? Definitely.

demi rose 1demi rose 2demi rose 3

demi rose 4



Unpopular Opinion: I Don’t Feel Bad For New Orleans

I can’t believe it’s almost Wednesday and this pass interference no call is still being talked about. Was it Pass Interference? Of course. Does it matter? Not at all. I almost don’t want to blog about it because who cares but it’s literally everywhere. People are even doing Madden recreations of the play.

As a Cowboy fan, I get it. I remember when Dez Caught it, But he didn’t. Or did he? The Answer is Yes. He definitely caught it but whatever. You gotta let it go. The Saints choked, The Cowboys got screwed but The Saints Choked.

dez caught it

A couple of differences in that game and the Saints game.

  1. The Saints were the home team and Drew Brees got outplayed by Jared Goff. Can’t cry about that one.
  2.  The Saints still made it to OT and GOT THE BALL FIRST. Drew Brees threw a interception and pretty much ended their season. Hard to feel bad for a team that was home and got the ball first.

Saints weren’t gonna win it all anyway. How do I know that? Because if they were they would have found a way to overcome that call and win the game. They had the chance and they didn’t get it done. So were on to Atlanta without you.

What’s even more embarrassing is that over 500,000 people have signed a petition to have the game between the Rams and The Saints replayed. That’s a real story. You can read about it here. 

Have a good day chat and try to let it go. You’ll feel better.



Update: I just read a blog on Brobile that Saints fans are actually now suing the NFL over the blown call. I love the passion but holy shit, New Orleans. Get a grip.

Attention: Things got weird today on air and that’s on me

Things got a little weird today on the Billy Madison Show. I understand that most days on the BMS are weird and sometimes gross but usually they are at least somewhat funny (For the most part). Today just felt odd and I know why. It’s because I have a lot going on in my personal life and when you’re not playing a character on the radio and you’re just who you actually are, It’s almost impossible to contain that emotion at all times. I know some guys that are able to do this but I’m way to white trash to be as mature as those guys.

I still hate the feeling  I get when I leave the Studio and I think to myself ” Damn that was an awkward day, Had to be brutal to listen that” I then usually spend the rest of the day beating myself up about it. I don’t know why I think that. There’s literally no reason for it because as a radio listener myself,  I listen to radio shows all the time. Some I like, Some I don’t and I don’t remember or care about the shit they said the very second I stop listening.

I realized today after 13 years of doing this, That my off days or weird days where something happens on air that I wish didn’t is exactly what separates me from other Co-Hosts of nationally syndicated radio shows. I’m not afraid to be honest and admit when my game was off that day. Doing a live show 5 days a week for 4 hours a day wears on your soul. Seeing people talk shit about whatever you say or do wears on you, I don’t care who you are. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love every minute of this shit. I promise to be authentic every single day. I’ll always admit when I’m wrong and I’ll gladly rub your face in it when I’m right.

This blog is about nothing more than, I had a bad day and felt like blogging about it. Our Company wants us to put a shit ton of more content on this site this year So I’ll be doing blogs everyday.  Also, I’m a really bad writer but who cares because I’m sure you are too.

I won’t get into the specifics about what happened on the show that made it weird because that’s not what this blog is about. If you want to listen you’ll be able to download today’s podcast (01/22/19) by tomorrow and before anyone says shit, I know the podcast delay annoys you guys but it’s our way of promoting the 24/7 BMS replay. Click here to listen to that.