Didn’t See That One Coming: Amy Schumer’s Family Is Also Gross

Whoa! Bombshell! Breaking News! Amy Schumer has a weird gross family. Let me first acknowledge that 90% of you that click on this blog won’t think this is weird nor gross but instead, You might even find it cute and funny.  Not me.  Let me also congratulate Amy Schumer before she embarks on the worst pain I could ever imagine someone going thru, A vaginal birth.

amy schumer 1

The main reason I find this gross is because Vaginas are scary and weird looking. All Of Em. I’ve thought so ever since I was a little boy and my mom would walk around the house completely nude. I remember thinking that they were the only thing more disgusting than Master Splinter from The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

amy schumer 2amy sxhumer 3

So of course, This “Cake” that shows a baby COMING OUT OF A “CAKE” VAGINA it’s going to completely gross me out!!! But answer this honestly, Would you eat this cake?

Hell No.


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