To Be Fair – Women Wrestling Is Just As Awful As Men Wrestling

Not how I imagined spending my Sunday evening but I’m here sitting at my computer desk watching WWE’s Royal Rumble. Why? I’m not sure how to answer that but regardless the biggest thing I’ve noticed about this event is that The WWE is definitely being dominated by women. My first initial reaction was “Holy shit this sucks” but as the event has went on I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s no different than guys wrestling. That shit sucks just as much.

I watched this girl Becky Lynch who apparently goes by “The Man” which is a great gimmick by the way, Lose the opening match to some girl who looked like Asia’s version of Tekashi 69. I was thinking how she goes by “The Man” but loses the opening match to a woman? But that would be sexist so I didn’t think about that.

Next match was a brutal one and it was all male. It was the tag team championship match between the Miz, Shane McMahon vs Some Guy and Some other Irish guy named Shamus. The Match Sucked ass from start to finish. The Miz and The Owners Son won. Shocker. Tag team matches should be eliminated. They all suck. Not entertaining and definitely just filler. But brutal awful filler.

Following that match was some beautiful Angel named Sasha Banks vs Ronda Rousey. That match wasn’t the worst but “The Baddest Woman Alive” (which is a laughable nickname for Ronda) pulled off the win against her much prettier counter part Sasha.

Next match is The Womens Royal Rumble so I’ll be turning this shit off now and heading back to Fortnight.


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