Mike Francesa Trolls The Internet

I’m not sure how many people know who listen to our show actually know who Mike Francesa is but to some it up, He’s a Sports Radio God. He used to work on WFAN in New York but he retired last year, Only to then start his own app where he does his show again but just charges people like 5 bucks a month or something. I honestly don’t know all the details.

I do know this, I love the shit out of his clips that go viral on Twitter. There’s at least one a week. Just give it a google.

This week was an all timer though for Mike, He went on some kind of rant because he thought this photo of Todd Gurley and a Referee exchanging jerseys was a real picture!!!! LOL!!!!!! I love this guy.

gurley and ref

I’m pretty sure he actually thought this was a real image. It’s why I love the man.

Another one of my favorite clips is when he spills a diet coke and just keeps on rolling…..




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