Why I Should Have Never Started A Podcast

Not gonna lie. I hate doing my Podcast. It’s actually a shit ton of work to be honest. I also hate the feedback. Really it’s not feedback, Just people talking shit. The podcast I do specifically is about Sports Betting and I know what you’re gonna say ” Nobody cares about Sports Betting” which is fair and true. I just needed to do it about something I was actually interested in and since I suck at fortnite and don’t know enough about weed to talk about it and Talking about being a shitty dad isn’t entertaining,  I went with Sports Betting.

As I’m writing this blog, I’ve realized that the biggest thing I hate about the Podcast is the accountability I’m now held to. I hate accountability, Its part of my millenialness. I hate having to keep a podcast schedule and deliver every week, I hate putting my picks out there, When I win – It’s crickets. People don’t say shit. I have to pat myself on the back which then makes me think that no one listens/cares. Those thoughts quickly vanish the moment I lose, Then all of a sudden I have thousands of people that have been listening. Just for the record I’m 27-18 on the year which is 60%. Not the best but definitely profitable so far.

I went a miserable 1-4 this week. Not worried about it. It’s part of the game. I’ll make Week 11 My Nard.

Also, I’m so tired of hearing people Complain when I bet against The Cowboys. Yes, The Cowboys are my team I lay in bed with But when you bet on Football or any other sport you have to separate business and pleasure. Literally Everyone knows this, So don’t take it personal when I bet the Titans Moneyline or The Eagles -7. I went 1-1 betting against The boys the past 2 weeks and I’m still happy as shit they stomped Philly’s ass tonight. It probably doesn’t make sense to you ” How can you cheer for your team but bet against them. You’re a traitor piece of shit and fuck your mom” and that’s fine. For those that bet on Sports, They know.

I’ll have a new Degenerate Derek Podcast out tomorrow by Noon because I love doing this shit.


You can download the Podcast on your iphone by clicking HERE. If you have an Android or you’re reading this on a computer you can listen HERE 

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