Degenerate Derek Podcast Episode 6

I was so excited about The Degenerate Derek Podcast finally making it to Itunes that I forgot to update this site. Issa my bad.

Won’t happen again. Check out Episode 6 here if you dont have an Iphone…… If you do have an Iphone, Obviously you can subscribe through Itunes. Just Search Degenerate Derek Podcast.

Thanks again for all the support!!!


-Degenerate Derek

A Tribute to Billy Madison

So I know by how I respond to Bill sometimes on air people think I have a lack of respect for him. That right there would be 100% fake news, I respect the crap out of Bill so much that I made a song to tell him ” Hey bro youre the dude”

So here’s my special tribute to Bill…

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The Degenerate Derek Podcast Episode 4

(Sorry for the Delay. Web nerds suck at their jobs sometimes.)

This is the 4th official episode of ‘The Degenerate Derek Podcast’ and it’s easily the best one yet. I had Nard in Studio and he roasted me for about 25 minutes. Good shit, Even if you don’t give a shit about sports or gambling. The podcast is also now on the podcast app of your Iphone. Click here to take you straight to that page where you can subscribe as well as give me a 5 star rating!!! If you have an android, It should be available on whatever app you use to download podcasts on.




Degenerate Derek Podcast Episode 1

So normally this podcast will be posted everywhere you can download podcasts at but for now I’ll have to post it on here. Episode 1 sucked and I admit that but I know exactly what I want to do moving forward to fix it.

With that said. I’m not gonna run from this shitty episode. Enjoy!!!


Here is the Downloadable link. It also should be on the podcast app on iphones shortly.