Does my dog hate me? Part II

What is up, peeps. Yes, I am back at it again with the blog! “Oh no,” you say? Well sorry, you got to deal with it now! Ha!

The last blog I did leave y’all with a “cliffhanger.” Does my dog hate me?  Straight to the point answer, most likely.  Why you ask?  Well, the wife and I have two dogs, Mika (a rat terrier) and Milo (classic chihuahua).  Mika hates me out of jealousy, that’s just my dumb opinion.

Why so serious Santa Mika?

Milo, on the other hand, love me, that’s not an opinion, that’s a fact!  Since we adopted Milo a little after Mika, they have got their roles down as “brother and sister” pretty nicely.  Although, the devil himself Milo, loves to irritate and show off that he gets to chill on my lap, while Mika’s heifer ass is on the floor next to my leg.  Looking at me in disgust.  I am sure y’all who have multiple pets and for sure know where I am coming from.

Milo Savage AF

Now the big question of the day is, does one of your pets hate you?  I am sure one does.  Just watch your back as you sleep.  I know I do, just kidding, not really, I’m serious!

Now a quick change of subject.  I bet you are thinking, “What, this blog is out of wack and does not follow what Jimmy just wrote!”  Yup! you’re right, deal with it! I walk in and out of grammar errors with run-on sentences and unnecessary words so you’ll probably lose your mind if those are your pet peeves.  LOL, you think that’s bad you should hear me talk.  Anyways, Derek from The Billy Madison Show is coming out with a sports gambling and more podcast, starting September 6th, 2018, called “Dirty Derek’s Degenerate Podcast.”  So be sure to mark that calendar and be sure to follow Derek on Twitter or The Billy Madison Show Facebook for more information as the day gets closer.  You for sure don’t want to miss it!

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