This “Transformer” Bumble Bee Movie Looks Like Poop. Warning- It Sucks

WTF was that? I should have known better when It was on the Home Page of YouTube. I never click on those videos but dammit, I’m a complete prostitute for Transformer movies. Despite the fact that almost all of them completely suck ass.

This one might take the coke though. I mean that shit was TUUUURRRRRIBBBLLLLE. It almost looked like Bumble Bee and the Girl actor were about to make out or something. I don’t know, I think its a hard pass for me on Christmas. Just like every other movie that opens on Christmas. Who tf goes to the movies on Christmas?



On/Off topic here is a picture of my dog Bumble. We rescued him from a family who realized that dogs are an actual living thing and not just a toy, They called him Bumble Bee after the Transformer. We shortened his name to Bumble so he wouldn’t feel like an asshole his whole life and I just tell people he’s named after that crazy monster in Rudolph.

Bumble rudolph.png


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