Kanye West Likes Naked Girls and Is Also Promoting His New Sneakers

Say what you want about Kanye West. He’s a lunatic, I agree. At least that’s what the internet says about him and I don’t really care to form my own opinion. I love his marketing campaigns though, That’s for sure. These are some of the images from his Twitter promoting his new Yeezy Sneakers he has coming out.

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GENIUS. Have the models be Naked with Giant Boobs and Butts!!! I love it.

Not sure if they are even wearing Yeezy’s though? Are they even wearing shoes? Are those girls even real? So many questions.

Yezzy Fashion 4



A Heckler Shouting “UT is Butt” Angers Kevin Durant

I can’t figure out if Kevin Durant was trolling this kid or if the saying “UT Is Butt” actually pisses him off. Either way, Hysterical.

I wonder if this kid thought of that off the cuff or if it was something he thought about earlier……I’ll have to reach out and see if I can get to the bottom of this. Regardless “UT is Butt” might be here to stay.


Kendall Jennar Puts Ice Cream Emojis Over Her Nipples And I’am Impressed

Kendall Jennar has not only proven herself to be the class act of the “Kardashians” and once again showed off her modesty on Instagram with this Emoji placement.


The fact that Ice Cream Emojis can cover her nipples is very sweet. Kim is still my favorite because of the sex tape followed by Kylie and Kourtney, But Kendall has solidified her place ahead of Khloe in my book.


This “Transformer” Bumble Bee Movie Looks Like Poop. Warning- It Sucks

WTF was that? I should have known better when It was on the Home Page of YouTube. I never click on those videos but dammit, I’m a complete prostitute for Transformer movies. Despite the fact that almost all of them completely suck ass.

This one might take the coke though. I mean that shit was TUUUURRRRRIBBBLLLLE. It almost looked like Bumble Bee and the Girl actor were about to make out or something. I don’t know, I think its a hard pass for me on Christmas. Just like every other movie that opens on Christmas. Who tf goes to the movies on Christmas?



On/Off topic here is a picture of my dog Bumble. We rescued him from a family who realized that dogs are an actual living thing and not just a toy, They called him Bumble Bee after the Transformer. We shortened his name to Bumble so he wouldn’t feel like an asshole his whole life and I just tell people he’s named after that crazy monster in Rudolph.

Bumble rudolph.png