Does my dog hate me?

Sooooo, what’s up?  So I am here at home working on the computer and my dog, Mika, sits there in front of me, and just stares at me.  Like looking into my soul staring at me.  I thought to myself, “Did I forget to feed her?”  An unlikely scenario, she would never let that happen.  Then I start thinking, does my dog hate me?

A little backstory on Mika.  The wife and I adopted her when she was around 2 months old.  We were looking for our first “fur baby.”   My wife was just about to walk out the door when I called to her to check out two pups.  So we saw these cute pups.  They were sisters, one was playful and jumping around, the other was there dead asleep.  I was like, “That one, she’s a chill dog, let’s adopt her cause the other one looks like a pain already.”  This “chill pup” was Mika.  The explicit word played us.  She played us good!

Now fast forward a couple of days and I’m like, ” OMG did we get the wrong dog?!”  She’s a great dog but dayum did she love socks like all dogs do right?

Do you lift bruh?

Like all socks I had in the past with puppies, they were snacks.  Mika is a hilarious dog though and very smart, surprisingly.  The wife loves her to death.  We get used to Mika’s habits and she is starting to get the hang of being an apartment dog.  Sometimes I could have sworn Mika thought her name was, “No,” but she got it down really quick with her name and potty training.  The wife had so much fun dressing her up, ha!

Damn you, humans!

I got a kick out of it too while I was learning the ways of Photoshop.

Mika’s, everywhere…

Mika is what my wife calls, “chicle,” which is gum in Spanish.  Wherever the wife and I was, Mika was there.  Mika was more chicle with me though LOL.

Seriously dog?!

Mika is something else ha!  Even till this day, she seems to strike me as her almost being human.  There were definitely some times where I thought I was going to go crazy with this dog, the wife too, but Mika is Mika, and she’s just part of the fam.

That stare though she gave me earlier made me feel like I was being judged for my sins or something, damn dog.  That’s when I thought to myself does Mika hate me?  Then I realized something!  It’s quite possible Mika does have some jealousy towards others, or other.  This “other” was lying asleep on my lap.  We will talk about this other “devil” next time. 😉

The other devil…..

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