Everyone is going “Friday the 13th” on Nard!

It’s April, Friday the 13th, 2018, and Nard is playing “Friday the 13th” the video game on PS4!  What makes this stream so special other than Nard fat shaming his teammates?  The comments are giving Nard hell right now!

I can’t understand how the hell he did it, or how this is happening, but Siri or whatever is reading Nard the comments that are watching him play live!  Derek bruh!  Your vengeance is happening right now as Nard is being bombarded with insults such as, “shout out Josh,” “Nard you suck,” “Nard you’re fat,” etc, etc, etc.  It’s a must-see live!  In fact, follow the Billy Madison Show Twitch stream right now and comment insults on the chat and hear your comment talk to Nard in a sweet robotic voice, hahaha!  View the stream right now by clicking below!

***UPDATE – If you miss the 4/13/18 live stream, be sure to replay the broadcast. The twitch link is at the very end of the blog***

Billy Madison Show – Twitch

Nard looks like he is going to crack on Twitch!

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