After the Holidays

Nothing like waking up to the whole city of San Antonio, TX, with BBQ smell in the air today.  Smells delicious!  Most of the country celebrated Easter today, or on April 1st, depending on when you read this, and it was the day I stuffed my face with delicious BBQ and sweets!  Really sounds like just another day for me, HA! Not really.  My goodness though!  My stomach is bloated, gurgling, giggling, you named it!  I am going to explode!

I do not know what possessed me to write about what I am about to say?  It seems the holidays comes with it’s “demons.”  This demon is called “constipation!” LOL, oh yeah, you know what I am talking about!  Don’t act like you just drank a cup of water and called it a day.  You stuffed your face too right?  It’s not just the men, you women are just as guilty!  I bet everyone regretted every single food they put into their stomach’s today, and more!  Well, regretting might be a little too much cause the food was awesome right?  It sucks though when your laying in bed and you’re thinking how much water you have to drink to get the food “back out” again because your cramping like you’re about to give birth! 😉

Hope that’s not the last roll?!

Hahahahahaha!  Hey, we are all adults here right?  We all know that feeling when we eat so much crap that our body can’t handle it all.  It’s either not enough fiber, too much-carbonated drinks, eating too fast, and the obvious, eating too much when it comes to the holidays.  Do we learn from our eating mistakes, so we won’t suffer next time?  Hell no we don’t!  The next holiday, at least for me, is going to be another foodfest of junk food combinations too!

OOOOOOH MAN! My stomach is hurtin’ LOL.  I bet you’re are wondering, “So what’s the meaning of this blog right now?”  Nothing really, I am just being a crybaby cause I have a tummy ache, HA!  I hope everyone had a great holiday today.  I will leave you with something to think about, and that is, did I write this whole blog while I was sitting on the toilet? HAHAHA! 😉

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