Nard playing Call Of Duty: Zombies is Must See TV

This turned out better than I could have ever dreamed of. Let me back track a little, For those that don’t know, The Billy Madison Show is now on Twitch. You can check out the channel at where we broadcast ourselves playing Video Games. Complete loser shit but we are complete losers so it works.

Last night we played Call Of Duty: Hardcore Kill Confirmed and it was going pretty smooth, Nard was avereging about 1 kill a match (Not even kidding) but who cares. The kid was literally having the time of his life. It was semi entertaining to hear him belittle everyone on the mic including me.

But the Highlight of the entire evening had to be in the video above when we went and played Zombies. I’m not even over hyping this thing. It was pure Comedy!!! I hope you enjoy the video and be sure to check out our new channel!!


Wanna Hang with, “The Nard?”

There’s no better way to start off, by saying this weeks BMS show was on fire, per usual.  This week’s bits with Derek’s, “I want to hang with Derek but can’t cause,” and Billy’s, “I want to hang with Billy,” was a huge success!  Nard on the other hand, well…, let me just tell you about Nard.

On a particular day, about a month ago, I got to chill up in the studio with The Billy Madison Show, on my day off.  This guy, Nard, or, “The Nard,” is something else!  I have met him a couple of times in the past before I started helping him with his YouTube videos a couple of months ago.  Let me tell you, this guy is the real deal,  he is no joke.  What you hear on the radio is the dude in real life!  He’s an extraordinary creature I must say.

I hope that’s chocolate cake buddy!

Well, after the show, I got to chat a little with the guys, while Nard was in the corner with his beady eyes; looking me up and down, like I am in his territory.  Joking around, I said something to him, in a positive way I may add.  Let me tell you, “The Nard,” persona continues after the show! I am like, “Whoa bruh?! Really?!  I got, “Nard Dogged,” by this guy!  My reaction to Nard was how like Billy would say, “Whaaaaat?!”  I turned to Billy and was like, “Can you believe this guy?!  WOOOOOW!”

It’s all good though, Nard is a cool guy, but damn that threw me for a loop.  Maybe Nard is just being himself. You know, just being Nard. Yeah, Nard. The guy who said he would open up the kitchen cabinets and slam them shut with his head, just to blow some steam.

Who knows?  But one thing for sure, this guy is not faking it people.  This guy is your true 50 metals, Olympic Champion!

Quick side note, Nard will be live streaming this weekend, playing his PS4 on Twitch.  Be sure to check it out on the official Billy Madison Show Twitch channel.  Don’t forget to follow the guys on their Twitters too!  You definitely don’t want to miss it!

For pure entertainment, I wanna hang with Nard, but “can’t,” cause I am just not, “Mr. Cool,” like him.  But hey Nard!  This one’s for you!  Ass!


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