Has Video Games Turned Nard Mad? The Finale?! *Blog Update*

Wow, did not expect this to turn into a blog series of Nard, but it fits so well, HA! Apologies for the “short blog” again, but the Billy Madison Show is LIVE on Fortnite, and yes, Billy is streaming online with Derek and Nard!  You can check them out by clicking HERE now, or by clicking the link at the bottom of this blog.


So why does Billy have a significant effect on the “loveable puppy” we know as “Nard Dog?”  Nard does not take orders from anyone online right, or offline for that matter.  He sure can bully Derek around just fine, so Billy should be nothing to the Nard, right?  Well, honestly you are going to have to see for yourself right now.

If you ever listen to The Billy Madison Show, I am assuming you have, if not, you can click HERE to listen to their past shows on the show’s podcast page, after you watch the stream, obviously; you will learn quickly that Billy not just the host of the show, but he is “Top Dog.” Then you have Derek, the co-host, and the enforcer, and Nard is just, Nard. The Nard Dog is non-existent.  Although there have been “much” occasions where Nard has gone, well…Nard lol.  You have to listen to the show to understand the dynamics, super hilarious program!

Sooooo…..is Nard going to do his thing and be a full-on badass and continue his savagery of telling everyone that they suck and he does not.  Or is Billy going to tame Nard into a lovable house cat?  You are just going to have to find out for yourself.  Again just click the link below ASAP to find out!!!

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Billy Madison Show – Twitch

“The Billy Madison show is a nationally syndicated radio show that sucks at playing video games!”

*Blog Update (@ 7:55pm, 3/29/2018)*

***If you miss the 3/29/18 live stream, be sure to replay the broadcast. Link to video below**

Sooooo, Billy proved to be “Top Dog” and Derek confronted Nard about Nard’s actions on their previous stream on 3/27/19.  Nothing but silence and complete awkwardness from Nard.  You got to see it to believe it!

Billy Madison Show – Twitch – Fortnite – 3/29/2018

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