Has Video Games Turn Nard Mad? Part 2!

OK, so this is going to be a short blog cause the savagery of Nard Dog is happening LIVE!!!

Click here now to watch Nard boss Derek around! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and FOLLOW! That would be awesome!

Derek, you don’t suck! Down Nard Dog! “You’re such a naughty boy!”

*Blog Update (@10:45pm, 3/27/2018)*

So, assuming you all have seen the latest Twitch video of Nard going ham on Derek for no reason, what is your take on the one who calls himself, “The Glue?” Funny? Or just plain wrong? Or, does someone need a timeout?

“The Billy Madison show is a nationally syndicated radio show that sucks at playing video games!”

***If you miss the 3/27/18 live stream, be sure to replay the broadcast. Link to video below***

Billy Madison Show – Fortnite – Twitch 3/27/2018

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