Has Video Games Turn Nard Mad?

If you have been living under a rock, the news is The Nard has gotten himself a PS4 and is now online.  If you have not watched Nard play Fortnite on BMS Twitch, you should definitely start watching!

Although, there is something changing with The Chosen One since his video game debut.  The man has gotten aggressive!  Nard Dog has gone Nard Dog!  Yelling at Derek and calling the shots!  When it comes to gaming, Nard is BOSS.  The funny thing is, he has brought the BOSS aggression to the Billy Madison Show.  If you don’t believe me, just listen to the past shows here.

“Naaaaard Dooooog!” “Woof!”

Now, in my opinion, I really did not believe a video game can change a man.  But Nard is no human.  I really want to see Nard play GTA V!  My goodness, that would be gold!  To see Nard go ham in an open simulated city!  Nard would never sleep.  Damn, now I want to get a PS4 myself just to mess with the Nard and get that aggression going, HA!

You don’t have to have a gaming system to watch Nard, Derek, and even Billy, play video games on Twitch.  Wow, Billy is on Twitch too!  That’s a different story as well lol.  As Derek put it, they, “are a nationally syndicated radio show that sucks at playing video games!”  If you don’t want to miss a Twitch stream from the guys, be sure to follow Billy, Derek, and Nard, on their social media, turn on notifications as well and follow and like the official Billy Madison Show Facebook page.  You don’t want to miss a thing!


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