Not Living On Earth Would Suck

I’m all for Nerds, I really am. My kid is a complete dork, She likes reading, learning how to write code, watching kids open toys on Youtube and Playing Minecraft. So definitely into high level nerd stuff. With that said, Fuck what these dudes are talking about.

I would never ever ever ever want to live anywhere besides Earth. I mean can you imagine landing on Mars and then having to do all that work? You’re literally STARTING OVER. You would have to farm, build, talk, do research and probably masturbate with only the porn you were allowed to bring in your carry on and look, Sometimes I like Cougars/ Sometimes I like Bangbus/ Sometimes I like seeing girls in the full nelson/ The list goes on and on and there is no way NASA is letting me bring all that shit.

Besides all that, Did I mention how bad that shit would suck to completely start over? I mean I feel bad for Native Americans, I really do, They got completely screwed but with that said. It would have sucked ass being a pilgrim. I mean people would be dead before they could even finish building their houses back then. It would probably take 50 years for me to build a fucking house. Especially on Mars. Fact: Zero trees on Mars. Bet the nerds didn’t think about that. Too busy playing Minecraft in creative mode where you get unlimited everything.


I’am thankful for these dorks though. Without these kind of weirdos I wouldn’t be able to stream porn on my phone or play Fortnite etc. So these pioneers are alright in my book, I guess. I’m just lazy and Earth is the perfect place for that.


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