Never put on a Screen Protector while on Adderall!

Note to the reader…

Sooooo, like all my other blogs, they are my own opinion.  This one, in particular, is very much my own opinion, obviously, and would not want to offend anyone who is about to read this blog post.  I understand people go through situations such as what you are about to read, but for me, my way of dealing with things I wish I can control is dealt with comedy and laughter.  So relax, and enjoy the blog.

Now to the Blog.

Now that I got that over with, I got a new screen protector delivered today and was very excited to put it on the new device that’s going to make things a whole lot “awesome” for me in the world of digital imagery.  So, I carefully open up the package and oh boy!  It came with 2 screen protectors!  What a steal right? WRONG!!!  Little side note, when it comes to following instructions, I follow them, no joke.  I try to go above and beyond for the tiniest things LOL.  So when I got this screen protector, in matte, oh yea, it was going to be what I thought was a piece of cake. HA!

Before the fun begins.  You, (you as in the reader), are going to find out somethings about me I don’t usually publicly say, I suffer from ADHD – predominantly inattentive, among other things buuuuut that’s for another blog lol.  Anywho, so yea, this inattentive ADHD was an undiagnosed form that I had since childhood and blah blah blah blah blah now I take Adderall to “slow down,” relax, my mind.  So when I started following the instructions on how to apply this screen protector no sweat right?

A piece of cake *facepalm*

The Adderall has already been in my system and I’m ready to go.  So I get the instructions and OMG, WTF!  I am super focused and OCD has just kicked in and started whooping my ass!  I was so trying to be precise with the placement of the screen protector, not to mention I was going ham on every single speck of dust that was falling gracefully on the surface of the screen!  Damn you dust!!!  Did you know dust is human skin?  Gross!  Damn you human skin!!! No wonder why these packages included 2 screen protectors, cause people like me were sure to screw one up and screw one up I did!

Screen Protector 1, failure!

Now it was time to put on the screen protector 2.  I was like ok, I looked up some YouTube videos, didn’t find anything useful on Nard’s YouTube Channel, but I was determined.  Finally, no joke, after 3 f@#king hours,  I got that sh#t on there!!! OMG what in the world?!  3 HOURS?!!!  But that goes back to the beginning of the blog, Adderall is one hell of a drug!  GEEEZ!

Look at that nice Matte finish…oh yea….oh yea…

So that was my Saturday right there.  But it was all worth it, HA!

***Note to the reader:  I DO have a prescription for Adderall, FYI.  This blog was NOT intended to make fun of people who suffer from ADHD, and other illnesses.  I was just making fun of my dumbass for taking 3 hours to put on a damn screen protector.  DO NOT take Adderall or any other medications without a prescription and without seeking proper help!***

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