Nard playing Call Of Duty: Zombies is Must See TV

This turned out better than I could have ever dreamed of. Let me back track a little, For those that don’t know, The Billy Madison Show is now on Twitch. You can check out the channel at where we broadcast ourselves playing Video Games. Complete loser shit but we are complete losers so it works.

Last night we played Call Of Duty: Hardcore Kill Confirmed and it was going pretty smooth, Nard was avereging about 1 kill a match (Not even kidding) but who cares. The kid was literally having the time of his life. It was semi entertaining to hear him belittle everyone on the mic including me.

But the Highlight of the entire evening had to be in the video above when we went and played Zombies. I’m not even over hyping this thing. It was pure Comedy!!! I hope you enjoy the video and be sure to check out our new channel!!


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