Breaking News: Nard Will Text Graphic Videos Without Warning

It’s 3 something in the afternoon on a Tuesday, There I’am sitting in the car line at my kids school, Going through twitter while playing some Nard’s last stand (100% Lie, Although it is a great game and you should go download it for free now in your app store). When a text from my friend, Nard. It was a video clip along with the text “This happened in Victoria Saturday night at a Whataburger”. I clicked on the video thinking it was either a fist fight or someone getting engaged (Nard loves engagement videos).


Nope, It was a short scuffle that ended with someone being shot. From what I could gather it looked like they might have been shot in the face (maybe not though, The video cut off)!!

I’m sure a lot of people have seen the video, I ain’t posting it. I don’t mind baiting clicks fon blogs where someone gets their ass kicked but getting shot is a different tier that I’m not equipped to handle. I’m not a good blogger, Clearly and you gotta know your shit if you wanna blog people getting shot. I also have zero clue if this person is dead, alive, injured. IDK,  I have no clue. I will give credit to the people who took the shooter down VERY quickly. A lot of good people down in Victoria and who knows how many lives they saved.

Back to my point though, Which is that Nard is a straight up Dickhead for sending me that video with ZERO warning. You have to give a heads up, When you send a video like that. Unless you are just a piece of shit. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have clicked on it but at least, Let me prepare myself. Is that not the respectable thing to do? Of course it is but it’s not The Nard thing to do and shame on me for letting my guard down. I even told Nard these things shake me to my core and he couldn’t care less.


I just did some research on the story and it looks like 2 men were hospitalized with gunshot wounds and ZERO people were arrested. I’ll update this blog when I get more details.


OMG OMG OMG OMG Rachel Bush and Her Sister OMG OMG OMG OMG

Rachel Bush is so over the top hot it’s almost unfair to all other girls. I didn’t even know that she had a sister but If I did have that information I would just automatically assume that she would be so inferior in the looks department just because Rachel looks like she had to have stolen all the good family genes in her mothers womb. I was so very wrong.

How??? How is Rachel Bush’s Sister just as hot as her? They must be sorority sisters or some shit like that. Zero chance they are legit sisters.

But if they are legit sisters then I have a tremendous amount of respect Mr. Bush.  I don’t know how you stay sane sir, But i commend you for it.


Chrissy Teigen is Pregnant and I Still Love Her

Chrissy Tiegen is super pregnant, Which means I need to show some respect (Like I do to all women). I still can’t help but think about doing romantic things with her even if she is right in the middle of carrying John Legends baby. I still love her. Pregnant or not I will still obsess about her. Kudos to me for not discriminating.

pregnant kriss tiegen

How great is it to be John Legend? He has to walk around 24/7 feeling like the Heavyweight Champion of the world. He can play the piano 

Chrissy tiegen


Robot Dog vs Pit Bull, Who Wins?

  Before people start calling me Derek Vick, Hear me out. I’m 98% against fighting dogs. Kidding, I’m 100% for it ( that’s another joke) but I still think a pit bull could fuck up these prototype robot dogs but that’s only because most pit bulls carry guns. When these robot dogs start carrying missiles, That’ll be the game changer.

Also, Smart move to not put a head on these robot dogs, Can’t rip a throat out if you don’t have one.

thinking gif.gif



Johnny Manziel goes on GMA to admit he’s not perfect and it makes me want him back even more…. in the NFL.

 Johnny Manziel is one of my all time favorite characters. Gotta love a guy who won The Heisman as a freshman but gave zero fucks and refused to apply himself as a an NFL QB. Gets released by The Browns, Gets released by his agent, Pretty sure at one point he even got released by his family but he’s putting that all behind him now and just wants to play football again. Bring back #JM2

Johnny manziel 5


Floyd Mayweather’s Bugatti Oil Change cost 25k

I’m team Mayweather, Have been for a long time. I know I’m usually alone on that island and that’s fine,  I get caught up defending him online all the time but this story makes me like him just a little bit less, Out of pure jealousy of course.


 Unreal, Ridiculous, I now hate him, I wish Conor would have whooped is ass (Not really). Again,I’m just jealous because I typically avoid getting my oil changed just because I can think of a 15 other things I would want to spend the $40 on and this asshole spends 25k on an oil change. What a life.