BMS Autographed Shirt Causes College Girl To Fail College Class

Welp, This is kinda embarrassing. A few weeks ago this nice college student reached out to the BMS asking if we could help her out with this class project she had. From the way I understood it was that the project was some kind of a pyramid scheme where you start with some small item and you try and trade it for something better and better until a certain date and then the teacher keeps all the shit and grades accordingly. I’m not for sure that’s exactly how it goes but you get the point.

She came up weeks ago, We hooked her up then I forgot about it after she tweeted about it back on February 3rd….. Fast forward to today February 21st and she has had exactly zero offers on her signed BMS shirt. That’s hilarious and embarrassing. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I saw her tweet Nard this morning asking if she could trade it back for Papa Roach tickets. haha.

Looks like she’s gonna be stuck with that shitty shirt. Probably causing her to fail the class, Therefor dropping out of school and becoming some kind of stat. That’s on us.



Kirk Cousins Rumor: Might get 60 million guaranteed in his FIRST year!!!

I don’t even know what to say. I’ve been hearing and reading about The Jets ( allegedly )  willing to pay Kirk Cousins whatever he wants to come to New York but my gawd. 60 Million GUARANTEED in his FIRST year.  You like that? Classic Kirk joke. Nailed it.

The guy made $23,943,000 last year and $19,953,000 the year before after being franchise tagged twice by the Washington Rudenames. So if my math is correct (it is because I have the calculator app on my iphone so it’s 100%) and The Jets pay him $60,000,000 next year that would bring his 3 year total to 103 Gabillion dollars made in just THREE SEASONS.

kirk cousins salary

Good for him, I mean I really want to shit all over him for making that kind of money for literally no reason but I’m not a hater. If his agent can get him that kind of a deal, Underware off to him.


Is Danica Patrick The GOAT of NASCAR?

Didn’t see this one coming. Somehow Danica Patrick failed to finish in 1st place during the final race of her Nascar career, Bringing her total Nascar career wins to ZERO. Yes, After 8 years of Nascar races. Danica won ZERO times but she still might be the greatest racer of all time, Despite the fact the Dale Earnhardt had a better final Daytona race than she did.

She’s definitely gonna be a 1st ballot Nascar Hall of Famer. No doubt about it. Her Career speaks for itself.  Since arriving on the Nascar scene back in 2010 (feels like shes been in Nascar since 03) she finished on the pole ONE time. I think that means that she qualified to start the race in the 1st position. So, She wasn’t good in practice either.  Despite sucking at practice as well as sucking on race day she still somehow has a net-worth of 60 MILLION DOLLARS! Which in my eyes makes her the GOAT.

Think about it. Danica sucked at racing and still spun that into being incredibly rich. I personally suck at my career just like Danica and all I know is my net-worth is currently $326 after paying all my bills and picking up a half ounce. So I salute You Danica. Great Career, Enjoy retirement and just turn that trophy room at your house into a badass closet or something.


Ass Nipple Piercing

Nard has officialy become the GOAT of radio stunts. Not only did this ‘Kid’ (In his mind) get nipples tattooed on his ASS last week (rightfully so after losing all those bets) but he followed that up this week, When he got those nipples PIERCED.

The video is kind of long. If you want to skip straight to the piercing, First needle goes in at around the 7:30 mark.




Nard’s Youtube Channel: Is he attacking Charles Barkley again?

Nard just released one of his infamous YouTube videos. It’s about 3 minutes long and confusing as shit. Plot: I think Nard watched Jimmy Kimmel the other night and saw his arch nemesis which is Charles Barkley. Charles was talking about mean tweets and how the people who tweet him are losers who hide behind the Internet.

I guess Nard is upset that Charles didn’t give him a shout out for being the one guy to stand up to him when he was calling girls in San Antonio fat. But Charles never mentioned it. I’m honestly not even sure if that’s what Nard was saying in the video. That’s just my guess. I also can’t help but think that Nard’s head looks photo-shopped onto his body in this video.


These BMS Fiesta Medals Are My New Pride And Joy

Just wanted to show off our new Medals for this years Fiesta!! For those who don’t live in our home market (San Antonio, Tx) Fiesta is a 37 week festival held in San Antonio every April and every year people lose their shit collecting these little medals. We finally got our company to have some Fiesta Medals made this year and I will give in update in a few weeks, When and where you can get these at.