Thank Zombies, Carl Is Dead.

Let me start by saying that I don’t follow this loser. So don’t even start with your commenting shit but regardless, This tweet showed up on my timeline and I couldn’t have been happier to read it.

1. I had completely forgotten this show was still airing. Like lets wrap this shit up already, This isn’t the Simpsons. 2. Great move by Carl to tweet this shit knowing millions of viewers that have checked completely out of this show will now tune back in just to see him die. Big brain under that big hat.

rick buries carl

To catch you up, Carl got bit by a zombie right during the mid season finale and only complete losers still get bit by a zombie at this point in the show and sure enough Season 8 – Episode 8 –  Carl gets bit. Then on Season 8 – Episode 9 – Carl dies. I loved it. I really think the only reason I hated Carl so much was because of that ridiculous hat he wore the entire time. Like relax pal. You ain’t the sheriff of shit, Even in the apocalypse.

rick and carl

And I admit that at times I will wear something ridiculous, Everybody does but at least we have the sense not to do that type of shit for 8 SEASONS but I admit it was definitely just the hat that bothered me, Along with his fucking cotton eye and also because he refused to be a fucking savage like his alleged father.


Talk about wasting a badass alleged father on that loser. It just pisses me off because ya know, My dad and I don’t talk. Ever. But I swear to gawd that if my dad was a bad mf and he raised me, I would have killed way more zombies/people than him because that’s what Son’s raised by badass dads are supposed to do. Not Carl. He just wanted to wear a goofy hat and put peaches in mason jars all fucking day. Give me a break dude, You blew it.

RIP Carl


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