Kirk Cousins Rumor: Might get 60 million guaranteed in his FIRST year!!!

I don’t even know what to say. I’ve been hearing and reading about The Jets ( allegedly )  willing to pay Kirk Cousins whatever he wants to come to New York but my gawd. 60 Million GUARANTEED in his FIRST year.  You like that? Classic Kirk joke. Nailed it.

The guy made $23,943,000 last year and $19,953,000 the year before after being franchise tagged twice by the Washington Rudenames. So if my math is correct (it is because I have the calculator app on my iphone so it’s 100%) and The Jets pay him $60,000,000 next year that would bring his 3 year total to 103 Gabillion dollars made in just THREE SEASONS.

kirk cousins salary

Good for him, I mean I really want to shit all over him for making that kind of money for literally no reason but I’m not a hater. If his agent can get him that kind of a deal, Underware off to him.


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